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About Us

REST solutions is a business that provides technical solutions in Robotics, IoT and Automation for Industry and Education. The venture has a variety of products targeted at streamlining the operations of businesses local businesses as well as ones for helping students, especially in high school, and hobbyists gain relevant problem-solving and hands-on engineering skills.​

Below is a brief overview of our Robotics Programme

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Robotics Programme for JHS Students

Our robotics programme is designed to take high school students from dreamers to doers.

It’s an end-to-end programme which touches on the various major disciples that make up robotics. By the end, they would have built a number of mini-projects and one final project from scratch

We hope to overall instil and develop a sense of innovation and entrepreneurship within students to develop their own products and solve problems within their communities.

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Product Offerings

This section contains some of the products we are currently working on

Our IoT core product allows us to create various solutions targeted across a variety of industries such a healthcare, agriculture, transportation, residential homes and many more.

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Home automation board.

This device can switch and monitor power consumption for up to 4 devices, and up to 20A of current which is enough to support even a standard Air Conditioning Unit.

This module also comes with wifi, bluetooth, and overvoltage and undervoltage cut-off to protect your appliances from damage, in case of a power surge.

Also, the multiple of these modules can be connected together to give you a fully automated use using the Home Assistant home automation software.

And whats more, a 3 bedroom house can be fully automated for less than $3000 dollars using our technology! These costs are driven down even further when being integrated into a house that is still in the process of construction.

Wearable Core

This is one of our most ambitious projects. It is a circuit board in a 2cm x 2cm form factor. It comes with a pulse oximeter for measuring heart rate, pulse, blood preasure, and blood oxygen concentration. Also, it includes an accelerometer to detect the number of steps taken, as well as detecting when someone falls.

Furthermore, it is bluetooth enabled for integration with a mobile app. Currently, we are developing a wifi version of this technology for use for wearable systems such as 'nurse call' to allow sick patients to call nurses and allow nurses to call for reinforcement on critical cases. Other uses of this device in the medical industry is being able to track the health status of chronically ill patients.

We seek to adapt this minuscule electronics platform to other forms of wearables, for example baby and pet monitors, as well as personal and asset trackers.

86V battery monitoring, tracking and management system

For the 86v:

This is packed with Mobile Data, GPS, and LoRa with potential bluetooth integration. It is specially designed for the battery of electric motorcycles.

Its function involves the ability to tell the battery percentage, battery health, and temperature, among other parameters as well as pinpoint the location of the battery in case of theft.