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Hi I'm Mel the bubbly chubby cheek Leo girl who talks to much, loves cooking, meeting people, reading ,loves animals and ...I really love anything makeup and beauty related.

I'm engaged to the friendly neighborhood tattoo guy who looks serious but is a soft hearted goof once he gets to know you . Yes Cancer people are the softest cheese balls and the nicest people.

Both of us own Rêve22 Studio

Rêve22 Studio came about when Vake and I decided we wanted more from life, something to call our own .

Vake was already doing freelance tattoos as an extra job and I had an interest in makeup and I had my certificates that I got because it was a hobby my parents sent me to pursue after I did well in exams.

In 2015 I was studying for my MBA and Vake was studying as well to be an Operator and the economy changed. We had a choice to use the money to finish school or open a business.

We registered our studio in 2016 .While registering the business we couldn't decide on a name, this was so important to us it was our Dream and hence we named it Rêve22 Studio . It's French for dream and 22 is our anniversary date.

We built the studio with our school money a decision I've no regrets about . Vake did all the work actually and I was the inspiration and on February 1st 2017 we opened our first business together at age 25.

Over the years we didn't really do much advertising only on our private Instagram page but we've gotten so much support and our business continues to expand with God's grace because of our clients who recommend us to others.We love them so much !!!

Rêve22 Studio is only the beginning of a beautiful Dream .


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their Dreams

Rêve22 Studio

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

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Trust in your craft enough to admire it , study it, perfect it , breathe it . Never stop getting better at whatever it is you love to do! It's who you are and the universe will continue to guide you along that path to your goals and dreams.

Rêve22 Studio

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams......

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