Paige is a 34 year old southern woman from the Mississippi delta. She has been intrigued by true crime since a very young age. Watching COPS, America’s Most Wanted, Emergency 911 and other shows with her parents as a kid.

Paige developed Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome at 19 years old, began having seizures among other health problems as she was working at a veterinary hospital. Her dream job was snatched away, as well as her ability to drive. After years of not knowing what to do with her new life, Paige stumbled upon true crime, paranormal and conspiracy theory podcasts. This is when the idea for the podcast started to develop!

The podcast started as a hobby, something to keep her busy. It even had a different name. In the beginning the podcast was called All the Things That Keep Us Up at Night but that was a little too long for her liking. With the help of another true crime podcaster, the name changed to Reverie True Crime.

However, that wasn’t all that evolved. Paige began not only taking the podcast more seriously but over time, learning more about victims and their families, the podcast turned into her absolute passion.

Reverie means to daydream but sometimes when we drift off into our daydreams, they can morph into horrific nightmares. We may start to get lost in thoughts about the dark things occurring in the world and questioning these happenings in life. Who? How? When? Why? What?

From telling the stories of crimes to sitting down with victims and their families, Paige is passionate about all aspects. Shedding light on the dark, terrifying things that have happened and still happen in the world is very important to her.

Paige hopes that through these stories she can bring awareness to injustices and the scary reveries around us that hide in plain sight.

Episode Choices

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Episode 66. Casey Brittle and Kelly-Anne Bates: Murdered in Nottingham (Part II) Leading up to Clare’s Law

Casey Brittle had her own house which she shared with her two-year-old’s father, Sanchez Williams. Between 2008 and 2010, Casey had called Nottinghamshire Police ELEVEN times due to abuse she was enduring. Unfortunately, she was murdered by Sanchez…in front of their daughter.

Kelly-Anne Bates was groomed by James Patterson Smith who was three decades older than her. He was known to be an abuser in his past marriage and to the girls he groomed after his divorce. James attempted to murder two girls before Kelly. However, when it came to Kelly, he was not going to let her get away. James viciously tortured her to death. She was murdered in one of the most brutal ways I may have ever talked about.

Episode 62. Four Black LGBTQ+ Lives Stolen featuring Beyond the Rainbow: True Crimes of the LGBT

CJ from Beyond the Rainbow and I will be covering the murders of two transgender people and two gay men.
First, CJ will tell you about the killings of Paris Cameron, Alunte Davis and Timothy Blancher.
Then, I will tell you about the murder of Evon Young.

Episode 56. Part I of The Pierce Family series

The Pierce family women were the best of friends. Mom, Rebecca and her daughters - Vivian, Amanda and Kimberly were so close.
In 2009, Vivian was in an abusive relationship with Damon Butler which turned deadly. Damon took the lives of Vivian and her mother, Rebecca. It was brutal. Kimberly and Amanda made it through that difficult time but unbeknownst to them, there was more devastation to come.
In 2015, Amanda’s boyfriend, Brayan Espana, was also an abuser. They’d been together for a few years but Amanda was ready to finally make her escape and be with her children. Unfortunately, the night she was trying to leave, Brayan called the police. Amanda hanged herself with the cord of an iron. Or...did she?
This case is going to have multiple parts. There are a lot of recordings that I have permission to play and I want to make sure that everything Kimberly has collected over the years gets heard. Get ready for a deep dive.

Episode 54. The Murder of Alesha MacPhail in Isle of Bute, Scotland

July 2nd, 2018, six year old Alesha was just starting her summer vacation with her dad, his girlfriend, and her grandparents. A local teenager, who bought marijuana and reportedly had sexual encounters with Alesha’s dad and girlfriend, broke into the home and abducted Alesha from her bed. The grandfather woke up and realized she was nowhere in the house. The search for little Alesha MacPhail was on.

Episode 52. Justice for Katie Palmer

Katie Palmer was 39 years old when she and her husband, John, were out for a morning walk. They were hit by Cory Foster. Cory had been drinking, the strong stench of whiskey on his breath. He was never legally punished for what he did. This episode is to bring awareness to this case for Katie, her family, and friends.

Episode 18. The Unsolved Mystery of Leigh Occhi

Leigh Occhi had just turned 13-years-old when her mother ran home from work to see if she was okay, after she couldn’t get her on the phone. What she came home to was the scene out of a nightmare. The reason I say “possible murder” in the intro is because some people think she was beaten severely and taken somewhere, possibly locked away. However, I believe the majority will come to the conclusion that this was a murder. This case, from 1993, is still unsolved to this day. Leigh has never been found. Was it the mother? Was it the kidnapping, rapist convict that spent so much time with Leigh at the church?