Brand Strategist. Dream Builder. Vision Architect.

I’m the Founder of Revive Business Collective. You don’t know me yet but I can already tell we’re going to be friends 🙂.

My greatest strength or my biggest flaw depending on which way you look at it, is that I have no idea how to think small. I tried it on for size and I didn’t like the way it looked on me. It just wasn’t a good fit.

My entrepreneur journey began a few years ago when I decided that I was fed up with my life the way it was. #SoOverIt
I needed a change.
I felt like I was on a road that led to nowhere. Everyday I would wake up and look into the horizon of a new day that promised me nothing but hopelessness, frustration, lack of fulfillment, a lifetime of mediocrity, struggle, blandness and bondage.
Where was the abundant life that God promised me?
It just wasn’t the way I envisioned my life turning out and I wanted to do something about it.
I wanted to live my life on my terms.
I wanted the freedom to choose what I do, when I do it, how I do it and why I do it.
I didn’t want to spend my life just living for the next paycheck, money or for survival; I wanted to thrive.
I wanted to define success on my terms, based on what’s important to me.
I wanted to build something meaningful where I could use my gifts, make a difference and help others.
So that’s exactly what I did.

I’ve had a lot of bumps and bruises along the way but I’ve finally made it to the promised land where I’m living the life of my dreams and helping countless others do the same.
Are you my next success story?

If you’re looking for a way to change your life and you’re not sure where to start or need help elevating your current stagnant business, you’re in the right place.
I can help you map out a vision for where you want to go and how to get there.

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Xo 💛~
Chrystal @ReviveBusinessCollective