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Free Guided Meditation

Being in tune and mindful of your emotions while managing your daily life can sometimes be tricky.

To help you bring your awareness back to yourself on a daily base we created a 5min guided meditation that you can use completely freely every day.

Find this free guided meditation in my bio or on youtube using #RevolutionYourAwareness

To help us raise more awareness use the #RevolutionYourAwareness and the sound on your meditation videos, your daily hike, while you’re journaling and so much more 💕


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Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.

💙 Until the end of December 50% of all my website sales, will go to an incredible organization called ReachOut.
ReachOut is an online service that provides professional help to young people struggling with their mental health and their parents. 💙

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If you are on your Self Love journey or want to get started, you will love all the insights and tips & tricks from this book 🌺

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Music to relax & unwind your mind and soul.

Soothing Rain

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As a coach my main focus is to help YOU grow & discover yourself on your journey. This can be a journey to true Self-Love, gaining Mindfulness or healing certain patterns that prevent you from living your life to the fullest.🌻 Scroll ⬅️ to access all my links 🌻