Investing with CFX —

Earning money on auto-pilot

Kia Ora everyone!!!!

I’m Rhi a mum of 4, Independent Makeup Artist and I also run a network marketing business.

When I first heard of this, I thought it was too good to be true. Skeptical as always with everything 😊 I looked into it over a few months with my partner, watched all the vids, heard what others had gained from it and decided to jump in and buy a pack.

I believe in multiple streams of income and this seems like a definite no brainer to me. I’ve chosen to invest the lowest amount possible and sit back and watch the pro’s trade it for me.

I plan to share my journey with you all and help anyone else that wants to do the same.

Due Diligence Video

I found this really helpful as a sceptic myself to start with 👌

Watch here

Why you would set up a family pack!!!

This is the best way to maximise the return on your investment.

Whether you are wanting to use this platform to just invest or share with others aswell, we encourage you to use this structure.

This vid is a friend explaining the best way to do this.

Click here to learn how

How to register and set up your first pack!!

We recommend you use a computer or lap top for the sign up process and have your phone in-front of you for security codes.

1. Set up a Gmail email to register for Binance and CFX with. This will also keep all your info in the one place separate to other emails.

2. Create an account with Binance and go through the process to verify it by coping and pasting this exact link.

3. Select the Buy Now tab then the Credit/ Debit Card option. Ensure the Spend section is USD and the Buy is BTC. Deposit your pack/packs cost total PLUS the Binance fee which is 0.0005 BTC (roughly $50).

For example, for a 300usd pack deposit $350 as we buy our packs in Bitcoin and it can be a little more/less depending on the day. Any extra will sit there for future upgrades.

4. Add your credit/debit card details in. Click Buy BTC - you may need to verify the transaction so follow any steps Binance gives you.

5. When the transaction is complete you will get an email saying deposited plus you will see it on your wallet dashboard as your new balance. Next step, CFX.

6. Leave the Binance open and in a new window open my CFX referral link by coping and pasting this exact link.

7. Click the Get Started button. Fill out the steps using your Gmail email address. The username you put here is what people will see in your referral link (eg your name).

8. On the next page scroll down and choose Academy + Trading pack and then choose the trading pack you want to start with. (You may need to verify first before cfx allows you to buy a pack)

9. Follow the steps to go through the next couple of pages where it shows how much BTC to transfer. (The video is really helpful and you need to click that you have watched it before it will move to the next screen)

10. Copy the long string of numbers/letters, go back to Binance and click on Wallet > Overview > Withdraw and paste this into the “Address” section.

Now, go back to the CFX page and copy the amount of BTC you need to transfer into your phone calculator plus the fee of 0.0005 (eg. 0.035495 + 0.0005) and paste that total into the “Amount” section here on your Binance page.

11. If you look at the bottom of the Binance withdrawal screen you’ll see that the transaction fee is taken from the amount you entered and there’s a section just below that should have the exact amount you need for your pack. Double check and make sure this is the same as the amount CFX asks you to send. Make sure you leave the CFX window open while transferring the funds.

12. Once the above is done, click Withdrawl and then you may be asked to verify with a code from your phone and email.

13. After a few minutes you will see on that CFX page “receiving funds” and there will be a tick once the transaction is complete. This can take up to 20 minutes as there is a 3 step process it will go through. Once you see the tick you have purchased your pack.

If you’re setting up other CFX accounts under your initial one as a family structure, you can get your CFX referral link from the top of the page under your profile, use that to register accounts under yourself.

Send me a message to be added to the support pages.



You can get your wirex card here. This is how you can spend your Bitcoin anywhere. So amazing 👏

Get your card now!!!!