Rhodenbaugh Insurance Agency

Travis & Alexis - About Us

In 2012, a dream was born. I began my career in insurance with my wife, Alexis, following in the same path just a few years later. My passion to help others protect their life’s purpose continues to grow stronger everyday, plus they say I’m a FUN agent so that counts for something, right?

Now together 14 years and counting, we live our purpose to serve others. We are always on-the-go, traveling, spending time with our two daughters and relaxing by our pool. I never take life too seriously because that would be boring - of course I’m the jokester and always making others laugh! Alexis is driven to be a positive light for others everyday and inspires everyone to DREAM BIG day in & day out.

In every relationship there’s a WHY person and a HOW person— the “why” person is the dreamer who figures out why you get out of bed everyday. The “how” person is how it all comes together and make things happen.

We will let you figure out who is who!

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Serving Your Insurance Needs

What we do and where we do it:

We specialize in the following types of insurance:
- Home
- Car
- Life
- Farm/Ag
- Business/Commercial

And we are licensed in the following states:
- Nevada
- Kansas
- Missouri
- Colorado
- Oklahoma

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Together we strive to provide confidence and value by expression of individuality, sincerity & honesty. We are always giving a constant effort to create long lasting relationships within the community and admire connecting with others. Service and security is always top priority so we can motivate our clients to THRIVE & LIVE FEARLESSLY.