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My Top 10 Picks

Our top recommended product for our customers


Turmeric honey glow soap

Our turmeric honey glow soap suitable for all skin types contains organic products and active ingredients that fights against acnes, darkspots , hyperpigmentation, sunburns and other skin conditions .


Turmeric scrub

Our turmeric scrub gently exfoliates your skin leaving it smooth , moisturized and clears darkspots leaving you with a healthy glowing skin . Suitable for all akin types and colors .


Vitamin c serum

Lightens your darkspots and gives you the maximum natural glow you need . Recommended skin food for sunburns , lightening and fading of spots .


Facial soap

Turmeric facial soap is suitable for all skin types and helps get rid of
Acnes ,sunburns and hyperpigmentation.Also containing turmeric and honey,it gently exfoliates the skin .


Facial soap

Charcoal facial soaps for oily skin type is a must have . It unclogs your pores and gets rid of all the oil leaving your skin healthy and nourished . Clears other skin conditions like whiteheads and eczema.


Facial cleanser

Infused with sandalwood,green tea extract and chamomile, our cleanser clears dirt and make ups from your face preventing pores from clogging . This helps maintain a glowing skin


Radiant glow oil

Looking for a radiant glowing healthy skin ? This is your best pick . Our radiant glow oil made with oils and infused with the finest of herbs ranging from rose petals , lavender buds etc your skin will glow effortlessly


Facial set

Our facial set is the best pick for anyone struggling with severe acnes and darkspots with hyperpigmentation.


Body butter

Body butter which ranges in different types is our best pick for melanin and light skinned persons who want to maintain their skin but feed it with organic goodness . Made with Shea butter , mango butter and oils this skinfood is your best pick .


Caramel lotion and glossy face cream

One of our best selling body lotions and creams . Looking to maintain your caramel skin this is your pick . Want to achieve a caramel skin this is your best pick . All products are carefully selected to suit your skin .Made with organic and natural herbs .


Pink lip balm and scrub

Our pink lip scrub and balm contains exfoliants that removes dead skin cells and also healing properties which helps with cracked or chapped lips .
Moisturizes the lips and makes it suppler, and soft and has a strawberry bubble gum sweet taste ( but hey don’t eat it yourself , but he can tho 😊) . Gives you your desired pink lips with time