Forever stuck as the quiet art kid

I’m Ri, an arts and design major and concha connoisseur based in MI.
I love fashion/dressing up, quirky colors/patterns, botany, alpacas and trying new things. I have had a passion for art ever since elementary and hope to pursue it to match my dreams. One dream I’ve had was to be a fashion designer living on a beach ... I now despise sand but love to design many different things: fashion, illustration, graphics and more. I practice Swedish and learn more Spanish from my grandma and mother. Being a progressive person, I do not stand behind any discrimination nor hatred of any kind.

I created the characters Astrid the Alpaca/Alpakka, Britta the Bunny/Kanin and Benoit the Bear/Björn. Because Astrid is confused for a sheep or llama, she goes on adventures to meet new friends and discover who she is; through her, she teaches self-love and confidence. Her friend group is diverse to show that everyone is different and can always be friends. My dream for them is to be illustrated+published and sold to many people of all ages to grow with Astrid. See Love_Alpakka on Insta to follow along their adventures and purchase your own Astrid!


Commission Info

I am open for commissions that range from graphite+charcoal to acrylic painting.
The mediums I am most familiar with are charcoal, graphite, ink/ink wash, digital, acrylic paint and sewing.
I will not do any NSFW, mechanical or abstract pieces.
Things I’m familiar with are portraits, objects/still-life, nature and homes.
Commission prices will vary based on what is being asked, size, and quantity. — reference pictures are very much preferred and welcomed!
Email or DM about personal commissions through my main Instagram!

I sell items such as Astrid and the gang (decor pillows) along with detachable fashion collars at HalfMile Handmade (downtown Bay City, MI). Support local businesses!