About Me

Jerrica S. Ruedas

I go by the name Jerrica, but most people call me either "Jekang" or "Rica". I'm 25 years old and from the Philippines 🇵🇭

A BS Biology graduate with a certification of Civil Service Professional Eligibility. Also a Certified Professional Coder - Associate.

I'm a dog owner, but I also love other kinds of animals. I procrastinate a lot, but I work my ass off when I need to. My favorite color is green, but I ain't vegetarian.

Actually, there's nothing much about me. But you may check this page out to get to know me more.

Welcome to my page.
Enjoy your tour. ❣️❣️❣️

My Insta Profile 😉

My Family

My inspiration in life ❣️

“The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works, is the family.”
—Lee Iacocca

Vicente C. Ruedas Jr.
Jennifer S. Ruedas

Janine Ane
Vince Christdean


Here's some short details about my three siblings...



Janine Ane S. Ruedas
▪️An engineer who loves exploring different places
▪️A very reliable daughter and sister
▪️The most intelligent among the siblings
▪️Strict but caring
▪️Eats a lot but never gets fat
▪️An amazing woman



Jo Merianette S. Ruedas
▪️A single mom (Daughter's name: Zyna)
▪️Loves to do household chores
▪️The comedian in the family
▪️Loves Kpop & Anime
▪️Easy to get a long with



Vince Christdean S. Ruedas
▪️Spoiled brat
▪️Hobbies include eating & playing phone
▪️Everyday he is getting fat hahahaha
▪️The dancer & singer in the family
▪️Clingy and lovable
▪️Our only boy

Love of My Life

Jhon Kirbey G. Labuca

There's this guy and he kinda has my heart since 2009.

Fact #1

I met him when we became classmate during our 2nd year in high school. We were not so close before.

Fact #2

Given the fact that he's a year older than me, he's more mature enough in handling our relationship. 😎

Fact #3

We're both on the same circle of friends.
Well it wasn't our intention to go beyond our friendship, but just woke up one day investing feelings for him. 😉😊

Fact #4

He's very patient and understanding. He's also head over heels in love with me. 😂😉😊

Fact #5

Years have passed but I love him more and more each day. ❣️


My furbaby

Shiro is a japanese word which means "white".
Shiro, my dog, is a labrador given to me by my boyfriend last August 2018. This furbaby was born on July 08, 2018. His name was given by my mother because at first we thought his fur was all white.

To describe this baby, he's very spoiled. His hobby includes eating a lot and sleeping. He's also like an alarm clock because he wakes me up so early.

My happy pill and stressor at the same time. My lovable furbaby ❣️❣️❣️

Worth Watching

TV Series/ Movies you can enjoy...

It's been a month since the government declared an Enhanced Community Quarantine. I've also been jobless for 1 month now and everyday seems like a battle on deciding what to do next.

I tried subscribing to Netflix because it's very popular these days and I can't help but be amaze on how many TV shows and movies are available to watch.

Now if you have Netflix and unsure of what to watch, here are the list of what I could recommend...

♡ Mango Pie Sandwich ♡

Because most of us can't go out at this time, I tried doing things that will keep me away from getting bored. And that would be doing the things I don't usually do.

I love eating and I love to explore different kinds of cuisine, but I have never ever tried making my own food. Why? Because I kept telling myself that I just can't. But this quarantine season gave me the courage to try it. And guess what... It didn't turn out so bad.

I miss Jollibee's Peach Mango Pie. So what I did is I tried making my own version but without the peach. I'm gonna give you a short detail on how to make mango pie sandwiches.

Enjoy scrolling & reading 😊