How wonderful to meet you 😉

Let’s get to know one another better.

My name is Rickencia Clerveaux , 22 of age . Born and raised in Haiti ( in my hometown name Mirebalais) came to the USA in 2010 after the earthquake. Now I live in Boston where I am a college student majoring in BIO to become a pediatrician and also working at CVS and brand influencer.

To explain a little more details about me I would say that as a person I am a strong influence on people to drive them to aim for the star. I believe in women empowerment hard work , dedication, and to NEVER give up no matter what life have to throw at you . There’s a saying that I’ll always say “ nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort , pain , difficulty, I never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life “The reason for me to say this it because sometimes in life we have doubts that we will never reach the TOP when all we need is just the HEAD start those are my words of encouragements to anyone with strong mind a believer and willingness to never give up.
Remember a FRESH start is not a new place it’s a MINDSET.