Universe-ity of Healing Helping Honoring Humanity

Dream Big Or Wake Up

So as it says this is my Universe-ity.
I have this belief that if you can help people learn how to understand and accept the mysteries in the world around us. It will help us to better understand and accept our fellow beings in this world.

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I lie before you today to take a stand

Or do I stand before you today to take your lies

Sometimes It's Hard To Do —

Sometimes showing loving support to the humanity is the most difficult thing you'll ever do.

I am Rikashay, of course it's a nickname. I was dubbed with the name Rikashay during a time in my life when everything was changing. It just felt just that my name should change as well.
I'm not talking about one big change or even many small changes. I'm talking the kind of changes that most people couldn't fathom and will never experience in their entire lives.
I went from having a loving husband and great family and living in a condo to being homeless in a very rough neighborhood without the loving support of my family and a box of my husband's ashes in a mere three months time.
I was always all about the whole hippie love mumbo jumbo but this instilled that in me even deeper. I believe I saved many lives and saved so many people from detrimental situations with a combination of my insights into psychology, my blind love for people, and my sense of humor that I can't control in uncomfortable situations.
My life is beginning to change in a manner that most people would probably consider positive.
For me, I know it's strange to even think but really I'm not sure I'm ready for normality after living the life I have lived for the past few years.
We'll see where this road winds to in the end.

My Universe-ity