things about me and my account, and tips for new toca accounts!! hii! my name lizzy but I prefer being called liz!! I started my account in 8/28 9 not knowing I would get this far!! I hope I inspired people through my journey! How I edit my videos - - first I screen record the clips I need in toca! - next I go on capcut and place all the clips I filmed in order! - then I click “crop” and put in 9:16 ! - then I adjust some clips if I need to. - once Im done with all the editing! I go on colourtone and choose the filter “cooge” ! - if I need to place some words I use and app called “inshot” ! Tips for new toca accounts! 1. use hashtags like fyp, foryou, and toca boca in that way you’ll have a higher chance in getting in the foryou page! 2. clear your cache! how? go to settings scroll down, then you will see a button that say “clear cache” ! click it! 3. be kind to your followers, and reply to as much comments as you can! it can help you gain more actives! 4. try your best in editing! people like to see better editing and better quality! so try your best to keep it smooth! thats all !! hope it works out for you guys! where to get stuff? clothes- I get all my clothes and accessories in the character creator pack! the bench- its in movie studio second floor! the mug- chilly buns!! blueberry and strawberry bowl- farmers market! glasses in the head- business tower second floor! if you have any suggestions on what to add here! comment on one of my videos!