happy easter! ✦

hello! as we all know today is easter and i would like to say something below!

if you celebrate easter i would love to say happy easter to you! today is a happy day we should be thankful for. easter is about thanking Jesus for dying for us, he took his own atonement for our sins, we should all be very thankful for that!

eggs in easter are used as an ancient symbol of new life that has been associated with pagan festivals celebrating spring! easter eggs are used to represent Jesus’ emergence from the tomb and resurrection.

we all know the easter bunny seems real, we will let people believe! but, the easter bunny is a folkloric figure and symbol of easter bringing easter eggs to children such as toddlers or anyone else. the easter bunny was played for seeing whether children are good or not as of behavior during the eastertide.

on easter there is chocolate and candy because at the end of lent it has a role to celebrate the popularity of easter candy (peeps, cadbury eggs, mini cadbury eggs, etc.)! tons of Christians swear off of eating sweets during lent, so they wait til easter to eat sweets!

everyone knows about jelly beans, i mean who doesn’t? jelly beans were created in the 1930s. they are egg shaped candies that have a soft shell and gelatin like insides. jelly beans are different shapes, colors, and sizes.

easter egg hunts started when children believed that the hare laid eggs in the grass for children to find on easter. in south german, folk traditions wanted to add customary obstacles by placing the easter eggs on trees, bushes, grass, etc.

thank you so much for reading some of these facts and things about easter! i hope you enjoy your easter if you celebrate it and have a great day! ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾

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