The New Norm

New Mommy:

Hey there beautiful, I hope this read finds you well. I’m excited to share some helpful tips that helped me out during my pregnancy. I mean most of them we already know, but you’d be surprised at the ones we didn’t and that’s okay. That’s what makes us first time mommies. We don’t do the whole Mom shaming thing here. We all make mistakes especially first time mothers but we all get it right in the end. Next thing you know you’re on kid number two! Okay, WONDER WOMAN I see you! Haha...maybe one is enough. Ehh...who knows everyone says that changes as you watch them grow. We shall see about that. Anyway back to the tips. I hope you find these useful and that you share them with your sister, cousin, or friend to help them along the way.

But before I get started I’d like to remind you that this is a very important journey of your life so please enjoy every single moment. Glow Mommy Glow! ✨

Taking care of the oven

This is the time where you try to do more things for yourself. Taking a walk, sitting under a tree, reading out loud for baby to recognize your voice, or maybe just kicking your feet up. It is very important that you stay stress free and healthy not only for baby but for you too.

It’s Baby Time!

As your due date gets closer you should start preparing your bag as well that the baby’s. You never know when that moment will come. My water broke at midnight and I knew if I would of waited until last min I would of forgotten so many things.


Now that baby has arrived and the worst part is over, now you can heal and spend time with your new bundle of joy. I hope it went well and you are now enjoying your new life. Don’t forget to always ask for help especially when you are feeling overwhelmed. We are strong, but our bodies have gone through so much and we need rest. Yes it’s different now but you are still important. So please take time for yourself, you’ll thank me later.

Tell the world what you are made of...

Hello there, I hope this read finds you well. I wanted to take this time out to share a little about me. Well first and foremost my name is Karina, but I prefer Rina. I am a military wife and a mother of one. Grew up on the upper East end of the states but currently in the central South. Still getting used to the new lifestyle but I’m actually excited to see where we go next. As of right now I run an online business that allows me to mentor individuals who are seeking to work from home. Giving you tips on how monetizing your socials can help you run a successful business. If you are interested swipe over and fill out a form. If not I have some amazing vegan products you can check out ! The results are phenomenal and the packaging is super cute 🥰. I’m here to help so please don’t hesitate to dm me and ask me any other questions.