My Little Story

Tell the world what you’re made of


My name is Rina and I help female coaches to generate leads and reach their maximum full potential through the power of social media management and creating content graphics.

I'm a 19-year-old girl who lives in the Philippines and an introverted babe whose very bubbly in social media.

In the world of social media, you'd first get overwhelmed where to start off, especially if you're new to learning how it functions clearly. I didn't even know how exactly it fully works before, not until I gained an interest in it.

You'll be surprised at the amount of information to learn and tools to use for your business. It can be very time consuming to get to know all the stuff in just a matter of weeks, but I am here to guide you along the way and share my ideas with you.

I have failed and doubted myself a lot of times, but I still see those things as a challenge for me to learn and improve myself further.

Motivating myself keeps me alive day to day. It just feels good to let yourself grow as a person and that's why I have discovered things about myself and what I am capable to do with. 

As a social media manager and content graphic designer, I have supported other female coaches within different social media platforms and I just love to give social media tips and strategies that can work for their businesses too!

Helping other people is my nature, that's why I turned what I loved to do into something wherein I can help these fellow female coaches to not only gain and generate leads but also increase their presence and stand out in their social media platform.

So if you're a female coach reading these, don't be shy to hit up my dm's, because I'd love to help you with your business!

Stay tuned with me on my journey as I will provide you some FREE tips and strategies for your coaching business to grow and flourish over time.