Curiouser & curiouser?

If you've made it here, I think you already know why, and I bet if you really think about it I bet you do too.

Greetings & salutations a grand & greatful profundo on the eve of your life. I am Ripley D. McCoy & as you have found or been referred to this site we can guess a few of the options you were searching for. But regardless let me affirm that you are in the correct place. After all everything is eventual & so all things are inevitably inevitable, otherwise they wouldn't happen.

Are you a band or local business that is looking to make a video or small event @ the gypsy OutLawn session space & venue? Are you looking for unique handmade instruments or maybe puppets per chance? Could it be that you heard about our band or my book? Oh of course I should have seen it coming, you're here for a totem, lifetree & or Tarot reading, which as nothing, or at least very little to do with, tell you about the future or pridictions of any kind. If that's the case then we'll make you feel zen again through inte bahalema mantra or com-antra a chaotic yoga, either also commonly referred to as hackysack & active listening.

There could also be a number of other reasons you've found yourself here reading this. For instance I am also a freelance writer, copywriter, audio engineer & band, brand & business promotor. Or maybe you simply feel like a lost thought searching for purpose. The point is we are out here & on here in attempting to create a community of uncondition, optimism, and collaboration. We're we rise together, learn together & know that together we are enough. We are excited to hear from you & welcome to our safe tribe. ♾ OutLawn Devine minds work in company with Erickson Jones McCoy Larsen & Cook.

Lost thoughts finding purpose. Go hunt your monster, your guide, your nightmares & your dreams.

"that's when I learned if you can fail at something you don't want, then you might as well go after what you do want." - Jim Carrie. If others live there dreams so can you. Imma market myself & be the future switch Oprah.

Online Tarot & life tree personal guidance from Devine minds work

A group of different life councilors, spiritual guides, scientific friends & shamans. Offering at request advice & is guidence as well as many different traditions of Tarot readings & personality mappings. In packages starting at free &. Never exceeding $20!

We focus on agnostic, omnistic & hermetic practices. 1. EVERYONE thinks & believes differently. 2. It matters exponentially what you feel & believe, which makes that true for others as well. 3. We are practicing many new techniques & advances to do the best for each person & recognize that our methods are no more accurate or inaccurate as any other you may find online or in person. And finally 4. Devination is actually the ancient science of inner perception, observations & talk therapy. We are not necessarily telling you anything about your future past or what you don't already know. If guidence seems off or questionable, we ask you to please remain open, receptive & give our readers the, benefit of the doubt that you yourself will come to better understand the meaning of your reading if not now then later on.

Welcome to the cyberhermetic revolution! If you are curious later ask about the philosophy of the cobalt dusk & hermetic Grey dawn. Your pathway to inte bahalema & inner strength. Research B' Hai if you consider yourself religious.

Please email me @ to get your first reading for Free! Then discover are other plans.

Monthly email readings as low as $1 a reading. Full visual readings start @ $5 & get guidence ranging from $3 a session or discussion your own on call councilors for $15 to $19 monthly.