About R&C Podcast

The vision behind the R&C Podcast is to host honest discussions with like-minded women on all things health, relationships, habits, mindset, money, career & everything in between.

My goal is to give women actionable tools & takeaways designed to empower themselves to take bold action & better their lives.

In 2019, the R&C Podcast became one of the most popular self-help/health podcasts in Aus, reaching over 1.2 million unique downloads. The show celebrated its first 50 episodes milestones, has debut #1 on the Apple charts, and currently gets 110k monthly downloads.

With the help of our inspiring guests, we’ve impacted more women than we could have ever dreamed!

Episode Guide

From nervous breakdown to rebuilding a life from scratch with author/journalist Georgie Dent

In today’s ep, author & journalist Georgie Dent shares her story of her breakdown in slow motion.

At 24, her life was picture perfect. She graduated university, landed a job at a prestigious law firm & moved in with her boyfriend. She had no reason to break. But… she did. Within a year, she was unemployed, back living with her parents and suffering such crippling anxiety that she ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

We chat all about her book Breaking Badly, overcoming anxiety & perfectionism, and how to rebuild a beautiful life after hitting rock bottom. This one’s a must listen - I think we can ALL take a note from Georgie’s book (literally).


$$$ chats... COVID-19 & effects on shares, economy, small biz + smart money moves we can all make w/ Ayda Shabanzadeh

In this R&C Money Series episode, Ayda Shabanzadeh tackles the money queries from the Facebook Community. She clears the air on all topics from the possibility of a potential recession, if now is a good time to buy shares, what money moves we should be making, essential steps for small biz & so much more.

In times of uncertainty, it’s SO important to pay attention to the experts. This ep is a must lesson to calm those anxieties with practical advice that gets straight to the facts. Listen in R&C gang, we’re all in this one together.


Manifesting your dream life + 5 min daily journalling exercise you need to try w/ mindset coach Samantha Daily

There’s a lot of talk out there about manifesting your dreams into reality… Which sounds pretty damn magic! But how do we actually do it?! This episodes guest Samantha Daily has ALL the answers!

Listen in as Sam gives a thorough breakdown on the steps to manifesting and creating powerful visualisations. She even shares her signature 5 min daily journaling practice that you NEED to try! Get your notebooks ready... This one’s a goodie!


Forget about outside validation, it’s time to ‘CROWN YOURSELF’!! // *BOSS IT EP #3*

We’re in an age where opportunities are abundant. We can literally create an entire movement from our living rooms! All that’s needed is a wifi connection and an unshakeable belief in ourselves… So, assuming your wifi is all set up, how do we master the second bit?!

In this ep, I empower you to CROWN YOURSELF instead of waiting around for validation from external sources! It’s time to make it happen.


Decluttering your life + how to start a successful blog with Steph Pase AKA ‘Just Another Mummy Blog’

Today’s episode is with Steph Pase AKA Just Another Mummy Blog, who has absolutely mastered the art of organisation (and yes, she does have the most satisfying cupboards in the world).

We also dive into what it takes to start up a super successful blog, how she balances her biz ventures with mum life and how she maintains a raw + honest presence online. This one will have you decluttering your life, as well as every room of the house! Listen in...


Tips on curating a successful personal brand (online & offline) // *BOSS IT SERIES #2*

Over the past 7 years, I’ve curated my own personal brand. Fast forward to today, this brand is the entire ethos of my 2 businesses! In this ep, I explain the importance of a personal brand (even if you’re not in biz!) + provide my best tips on how to elevate it and align it with your vision.

Maybe it’s even time for an audit of your digital footprint…? Listen in and I’ll tell you how!


Stop EMOTIONAL EATING and Kick Perfectionism to the Curb with Leanne Ward AKA The Fitness Dietician

Let’s face it. Gut health, emotional eating and perfectionism are all really hard things to rise and conquer… In this ep, I pick the brains of Leanne Ward AKA The Fitness Dietician, who happens to be an expert on all three!

Leanne serves up the facts, with no traces of wishy washy BS, to provide you with actionable steps on getting down to the root cause of your emotional eating and strategies you can implement to keep your gut health in check! She also shares her 10% better philosophy that will help you say CYA to perfectionism forever.


Goodbye fear, hello boss babe! *BOSS IT SERIES #1*

Ask yourself, what would your life look like if you were doing exactly what you desired? Is fear the reason you haven’t put your answer into effect?

What if you put as much energy into trusting your intuition as you did with your fears? In this ep, I reinforce that you can evolve unapologetically at any time, without permission from anyone. It’s time to make bold changes and start choosing YOU.


Cee Swadling Pt 2 // Finding her balance, productivity hacks + spilling *exclusive* Love Island tea

Couldn’t get enough of Cee after Tuesday’s ep? Well, you’re only human!

Pt 2 of my chat with the bold and vivacious Christie Swadling is a more candid conversation about all things mindset, productivity, self-care and how to set realistic goals. (Some serious tea was also spilled about the drama with Maurice from Love Island...)

You can find Cee on Instagram @christieswadling


Cee Swadling Pt 2 // Overcoming her ED, the Reality of Recovery + Why She Quit Being Vegan

This episode is Pt 1 of my conversation with the effervescent firecracker that is Christie Swadling, who you may know from YouTube as Cee.

Cee opens up about her experience with an eating disorder, the true reality of her recovery process and why it compelled her to share her story online. She goes through how she challenged and overcame the negative thoughts that once consumed her and why she made the decision to stop following a vegan diet.

You can find Cee on Instagram @christieswadling


$$$ chats… Is now the right time to buy? Breaking up with Afterpay?! + First house buying tips w/ Ayda Shabanzadeh Property & Money Expert

Introducing the first ep of the R&C Money Series with Australia’s leading Gen Y property and finance expert, Ayda Shabanzadeh.

In this ep, Ayda explains how on earth we’re supposed to identify trends in the property market, what ‘rentvesting’ means, and why we should kiss our Afterpay accounts goodbye! Ayda is also here to reinforce that yes, it IS possible to purchase a property as a Millennial.

You can find Ayda on Instagram @aydashabanz


Turning adversity into purpose with model and cancer-survivor Jess Quinn

At age 9, Jess was confronted with a diagnosis of bone cancer which resulted in the loss of her hair, and then one of her legs. Rather than letting her adversity hold her back, she shifted her focus and tuned into everything she could do instead of couldn’t, and started smashing some pretty big goals. We chat about comparison, self-love and the importance of representation.

You can find Jess on Instagram @jessquinn


STOP trying to fit yourself in a box others created

Do you ever feel like you have to act, dress or feel a certain way to please others? Are you minimising parts of yourself just to makes others comfortable? Don’t worry, I’ve been there!

In this ep, I share situations where I felt pressured to stay within boxes that were constructed by society and how you can challenge these moulds to become the most authentic version of you. Because when you test these boundaries and become aligned with who you truly are - quirks and all - then that’s when the magic happens! Listen in to become empowered to free yourself today… Because the world needs who you are.


Q&A with my husband... Babies? Our prenup? Working Together? + Tips to a lasting relationship! *Valentines Day Special*

Happy Valentines day! Today's guest is a special one... This is R&C's FIRST EVER male guest and he's one of my favourite people… That's right, Tim has officially made his debut on the show!

Have you ever been curious as to how we cope with working together? Our stance on if and when we want babies? Whether my social media presence affects our relationship? Well, listen in!

Tim and I thought we’d share the love and sit down together to answer some of our most commonly asked questions! We also provide our best advice on sustaining a long-lasting relationship and share how we overcome fights.


How to rewrite your story and create a life you truly desire

I'm so excited to be starting season 2 with a very important solo pep talk!

In this ep, I provide you the actionable tools that will empower you to design your reality exactly how you want it to be. Sound crazy? Well, it's actually possible, and I'm here to tell you how!

I share three situations where I shifted my attitude to break out of the negative story I was 'stuck' in to start living a life I fully desire. You're the author of your own story, and if you find yourself stuck on the same page, you have the power to take control of the pen to start rewriting a new chapter, TODAY.


How to Level Up in 2020: Start doing this mindshift now

In this solo ep I share my actionable tools that you can use when you are journalling that will help you learn how to let go of the past mistakes or lessons, dream with intent and visualise so you can manifest your future!

Make this the year to follow the path of who you want your future self to be! Start visualising her and showing up everyday...

Journaling Prompts Tools to use:

Who do I want to be in 2020?

What goals do I want to accomplish in 2020?

Am I currently showing up as the person who would achieve those goals?

What habits or changes could I make to show up as the person I want to be?

What habits can I let go off that are not serving this new person?

What am I excited about showing up as this person?


Why You Shouldn’t Diet This New Year! + 101 On Period Health with Dietitian Victoria Myers

As we enter the New Year most of us might feel pressure to go on a diet because of indulging & celebrating over Christmas or because it’s your typical 2020 resolution… BUT in this episode we go through all the reasons why you shouldn’t….

I chat with dietitian guru and podcaster Victoria Myers, whose mission is to help women become their best selves, to live the life they want without all the obsession. Victoria’s shares her struggle of yo-yo dieting, & the idea of looking perfect! Through this journey she learned how to love, nourish, express and empower herself and now she wants to do the same for other women struggling with this daily battle. Her private practice & online resources are helping to educate her clients to ditch the diet, heal their bodies and regulate their hormones/periods. She also is the host of the inspiring podcast Nourishing Women

Can you imagine what it would be like to live your life without obsessing over food, exercise and your body?? I know it seems scary but this is the stepping stone to changing your 2020!


10 Lessons From This Decade // What I'll Be Taking Into 2020!

I saw some people doing #10yearchallenge photos on here & it inspired me to recreate that + also reflect on 2019 as it marks the end of the decade. In this solo ep I share my journey from 15-25 years old…


Be the energy you want to attract with speaker & TV star Cleo Massey

In today’s episode I chat with blogger and TV star Cleo Massey. If you were like me when you were younger you would remember Aussie TV series, H20 Just Add Water, where three teenagers become mermaids.

Living between the Gold Coast and LA, Cleo felt the pressure so she knew others would too. This inspired her to create a platform to help herself and others live with a more optimistic, positive outlook towards life! This was the beginning of Cleo’s blog, Pass Around the Smile. Changing her mindset and focusing on the Law of Attraction and self-love, her career and life expanded in ways that she never could have imagined!

We talk all things… like dealing with negativity, meditating, self doubt, self love, confidence, finding your right path, balance and how to be generally positive! This ep will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.


#KissMyFatAss !! How to be brave & raw with Amy Sheppard

Do you feel the pressure to edit your photos before you put them up online?? We have all done it right… we need to get that best angle + use face tune or filters to make us look “PERFECT”

I chat with singer/songwriter of the band We Are Sheppard, Amy Sheppard who is well known for her #KissMyFatAss campaign, a call to action for women to embrace their real selves and no longer buy into the airbrushed, un-real fantasy that lives on social media!

I know this is one you will resonate with so listen in now to hear her tips so that next time you feel the urge to open up face/body editing apps you will think twice.

Let’s change the stigma GFs!


From Breaking Point To Multi-Million Dollar Global Organic Skincare Business with Sonya Driver Founder of EcoTan

If you’re looking for that extra nudge in starting something you’ve been putting off, then this one’s for you. Ep 45 brings you an incredibly inspiring chat with the powerhouse that is Sonya Driver! Sonya is the face behind the Australia’s first certified organic self-tan and skincare range, Eco Tan. In the ep, she shares her story on overcoming personal struggles, tackling self-doubt, the reality of starting a business and how to conquer the challenges that arise along the way. She also shares why it meant so much to her to fill a gap in the market by creating an organic tanning product.


Myth Busting: Soy, Dairy, Binge Eating + Gut Health with Nutritionist & Dietitian Marika Day

Are you confused by the amount of conflicting information about what to eat, what not to eat and which diet is best for you? There’s too much BS! This ep is all about diving deep and getting rid of the confusion around the never ending list of health & nutrition myths…

I chat to successful dietician & nutritionist Marika Day, who runs an IBS clinic in Bondi and is the dietitian for Keep it Cleaner Fitness program. She shares her own personal struggles of dealing with coeliac disease and why that lead her into her passion. She specialises in nutrition for gastrointestinal disorders, gut health and women’s health. Her mission is to break down the myths and misconceptions in the health industry using science based evidence with a holistic approach. She works to provide her clients with practical tips they can use to make changes that will actually improve their health and wellbeing.


The Power Of Ayurveda & Finding Your Purpose With Best Selling Author Sahara Rose

This episode is with Sahara Rose, podcast host of Highest Self and best-selling author who has revitalised the practice of using ancient knowledge in a modern way. Sahara talks to us about the basics of Ayurveda, including what it is, how we can use it to transform our health & wellbeing + we go deep into how you can find your 'Dharama' which means life purpose.


Get ahead $$$ and pay off debt with Millennial Money Coach Chloe Crain

This Ep is with Millennial Money Coach Chloe Crain (@deeper.than.money) well known for paying off $36,000 debt in only 18 months. Chloe's mission is to show millennials finances can be fun & easy + she wants to teach you how to get a bank account of your dreams.

She teaches us that you don’t need to sacrifice the things you love to get ahead with your financials. We dive deep into how to budget, what is a good investment and how to pay off debt fast!

You’re not going to want to miss this one… she even shares her top 3 money habits so you can start taking charge of your finances today!


UNDIET: Living the healthy life with Holistic Nutritionist & author Jessica Sepel

This episode is with revolutionary Jessica Sepel, Clinical Nutritionist, bestselling author and owner of two successful wellness businesses @jshealth and @jshealthvitamins.

She has pioneered the “Undiet Movement” because she is passionate about helping women to achieve balance, and give up dieting for life!

In this episode we chat about her own personal struggle from hating her body to nourishing it with wholefoods so she can be her best self from the inside out. She shares her top tools to create a healthier, simpler and more balanced way to feel good all whilst developing love for our bodies.

This episode will live you feeling enlightened and inspired!


MASTER YOUR MIND - hypnotherapy and reprogramming your negative subconscious with Stephanie Kwong

In Episode 39, I chat with Mindset Mastery Coach, Hypnotherapist and host of the Rise Higher podcast, Stephanie Kwong. Her mission is to support people to master their mind and emotions by identifying and removing mental roadblocks by rewiring their brain through hypnosis and other techniques which help them conquer their dreams.

I know my R&C girls love actionable tools... so I ask Stephanie to share a free take home self hypnosis technique that will help you raise your self awareness and teach you how to listen and acknowledge your feelings and thoughts, so you can reprogram your negative belief patterns.

We even talk about how to do a “box breathe”, which is a great way to calm anxiety and bring you back to the present moment. There is so much good stuff in this episode, so check it out now.


12 MUST READ BOOKS: Self-development, business, spirituality & health

You asked for it GFs… In episode 39 I share my top recommendations for my favourite books for all things business, self development, health and spirituality.

I don’t know about you, but when I read a good book I feel inspired, encouraged and motivated. If you think about it, experts and successful people write books and put all their best tips, tricks & ideologies into them for us to learn… expand and empower your mind with books GF!

Each one of these books have changed my life for the better… who’s ready for some inspiration??

Here is the list:

You are a a Badass at Making Money - Jen Sincero

Winging it - Emma Issacs

Girl, Stop Apologising & Girl, Wash your Face - Rachel Hollis

Like she Owns the Place - Cara Alwill Leyba

More than Enough - Elaine Welteroth

The F*ck It Diet, Eating Should Be Easy - Caroline Dooner

Just Eat IT - Laura Thomas

Goddess revolution - Mel Wells

Own your day, Own your life - Aubrey Marcus

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

The Universe has your back & Super Attractor - Gabrielle Bernstein

Make it Happen - Jordanna Levin


From auto-immune condition to creating a $1m health business, Founder of GoodnessMe Box, Peta Shulman

In this episode, I chat to the inspiring Peta Shulman who is the founder of GoodnessMe Box.

GoodnessMe Box is a monthly health subscription box, born and inspired out of Peta’s own health struggles. It was created out of a passion for eating healthier and getting others excited about nourishing their bodies with pure whole foods and taking control of our health!

We dive deep into her own personal health struggles, being diagnosed with an auto-immune condition and why that inspired her to create her wellness business, the challenge of growing so quickly, her business strategy, social media tips and so much more…

I felt so inspired after this chat and I am sure you will too!


Honour The Season You Are In

We are all going through a season of life where we are having different experiences, learning different lessons and have different priorities.

It is so easy to constantly look around & compare yourself to what others are and aren't doing, to question if we should be doing more or doing less or doing different... BUT what if you are exactly where you are meant to be? It is time to stop looking around... stop questioning yourself & honour the season you are in.


DJ Tigerlily: transitioning into veganism, what it means to be a conscious influencer & her healthy morning routine

In Episode 36 I chat with Dara Hayes, commonly known as DJ Tigerlily, who is much more than just her pop star name, she is a DJ, wellness enthusiast, ocean loving, yoga doing Aussie girl that is passionate about making a difference in the world whether that is by her environmental footprint or using her Influencer status for good!

We chat about the highs and lows of her DJ lifestyle, her transition into veganism, being sustainable, what it means to be a conscious influencer and how much value she places on a having a solid morning and night time routine, so she can be her best self every day.


Seizing your YAY with Sara Holloway// Getting in touch with your inner child, dealing with overwhelm & leaving a corporate job

Episode 35 is with the beautiful Sarah Holloway co-founder of Matcha Maiden, who started her professional life as an international mergers and acquisitions lawyer and whilst she enjoyed it, she found it increasingly challenging to juggle the all-consuming corporate lifestyle with her personal passions of health, wellbeing, creativity and adventure.

In her pursuit of balance, we discuss her transition from the corporate world to her entrepreneurial journey of starting a business and how to deal with being overwhelmed and why getting out of your comfort zone is a must do!

She also shares why she started her own podcast called Seize the Yay, where she explores the difference between conventional success and happiness and the importance of cultivating “joy and passion” in your everyday life.


How to step out of fear when chasing your goals

Let’s talk about fear… In this solo episode I talk about how fear can hold you back from making that next step, leaving a job or starting something new!

When I was thinking about leaving my corporate job as a lawyer to pursue my side hustle full time, it scared the hell out of me! I asked myself how will I feel if I don’t do this? Will I feel regret? Personally the unknown of “what if” was bigger than my actual fear of failure. That is when I knew I just had to jump… If it didn’t work, then at least I knew.

There is research that shows women like to be 100% ready and prepared to do something new, where men only need to be 70% ready. No one is going to be brave for you and if I can do it so can you. The reality of chasing your dreams, mean you often have to start before you are ready…


What you need to know before buying your first home and how to transform your money mindset with property & finance expert Ayda Shabanz

Episode 33 is with Ayda Shabanz, CEO, property mogul, finance expert and business coach, she is the epitome of a modern-day business boss lady. Beginning her career at 18, she is now the Co-Founder of several multimillion-dollar property and finance companies across Australia and Asia. In just over 16 years she’s has built her own self made empire with an extensive property portfolio that’s worth over $10 million dollars. Her knowledge about property, finance and business are highly regarded.

In this episode we talk about, what you need to know before you enter the property market, when is the right time to buy, if you should buy an investment or house first, how to transform you money mindset and so much more!


Finding your identity, dealing with mum guilt & time hacks with Kylie Camps

Episode 32 is with Kylie Camps, the owner of The Kind Parenting Company and host of “The Kylie Camps Podcast”. She is an infant and child sleep consultant, wife, mother of twin boys and happiness advocate.

The Kind Parenting Company philosophy is all about protecting the emotional wellness of the whole family through evidence based methods and kind parenting techniques. Her podcast focuses on conversations for women, particularly mothers who have perhaps "lost themselves" and why it is important to not tie your happiness up solely in your children.

We deep dive into the highs and lows of mum life, including how to live a healthy realistic lifestyle whilst utilising your time effectively so you can create better balance and space between work and motherhood.


How to re-energise and reconnect with yourself: creating space

Episode 31 is all about getting my mojo back. For the last 6 months I have been living such a fast and routine lifestyle. We live in a world that never stops, where we feel like we need to fill every minute of the day with something productive, but do we? I have been making a huge effort to ‘create space’. The result has been my creativity has flowed back in and I have felt more ‘myself’. Listen in if you also need to find your energy, creativity and reconnect with yourself.


Creating a successful authentic online presence & being a new working mum with blogger Sivan Ayla Richards

Episode 30 is with the amazing Sivan Aya Richards, who is a blogger, influencer, business owner, wife and new mum. Sivan began her blog in 2011 with the objective of sharing realistic approaches to style, home decor, beauty, cooking, cocktail creation, crafting and now mothering, while creating a visual documentation of her life. With an unfiltered voice, Sivan strives to create content that provides value to her readers by sharing personal experiences, while finding luxury in everything along the way. Sivan shares everything with her audience which has subsequently left them invested and always wanting more. Sivan gives her top 3 tips on how to create a successful personal brand, why it is important to have authentic content and what she does to maintain and grow an engaged audience. Sivan also shares the struggle in finding the balance as a new mum and that it is ok to ask for help when you need it.


Are you living an intentional life? Why & how I set weekly intentions

Episode 29 is a solo episode exploring the practice of weekly intentions. Georgie explains why she writes weekly intentions, how it helps you stay clear and focused during the week and how you can do it too. Intentions are a reminder to use what you want to attract and focus on so we are constantly striving towards our goals.


The missing piece to manifesting your biggest dreams with author Jordanna Levin

Jordanna Levin is an author, podcaster, manifestor and lunar lover who has a knack for taking mind-exploding spiritual concepts and making them digestible, relatable and applicable to everyone. She has authored the manifesting book ‘make it happen - manifest the life of your dreams’ which is a practical and easy to digestion how to manifest book. I have personally read it and is my favourite manifesting book to date. In this episode we chat about Jordanna’s manifesting equation, why we should be feeling our feelings (not suppressing them) why we need self-love and self-worth before we manifest and so much more!


Mental Health Chats: Dealing with anxiety & seeing a psychologist

This episode is chatting about my recent mental health issues of anxiety and how I have been dealing with it after seeing a therapist. This episode was unplanned but I wanted to address an issue that often has a lot of stigma around it.


Overcoming fake friends, bullying, body issues & mental health with Brooke Styles

Brooke Styles is a social media influencer, creative and business owner. After experiencing workplace bullying, Brooke developed anxiety and as a result, started her own social media company so that she would never have to work for anyone else. She’s all about self-love, body positivity and sticking it to social media standards of what beauty looks like. Today we are chatting about instagram v reality, self-love, fake friends, what it means to be an influencer today + so much more! Brooke has so many important messages & wants to start important conversations & I am so excited to share her with you.


My magic morning routine: 5 habits to set you up for a successful day

In this episode we go into the 5 habits I always include in my morning to make it ‘magic’. Morning routines are so important as they set up your day and can shift you into the best mind frame. My morning routine has become apart of my self-care and I am excited to share this with you!


Taking control of your finances & understanding tax with charatered accountant Michelle Knight

When this episode is airing it is nearly EOFY which means tax time for all my Aussie listeners!! Tax time has always been this complicated stressful time for me and I have had some much change over the years where I was an employee when I worked in corporate,
sole-trader when I went off to do my own thing, I then transitioned into a company and I also have a partnership that is now a company with Naked Harvest, so I have constantly felt unsure of my position with tax. I am sure I am not the only one so today I have a guest who is going to help our minds feel at ease, it’s not the most exciting topic lets be honest but I do think it is important - today I am chatting with Michelle Knight from Little Miss Bookkeeping! She is an accountant and small business owner wanting to help others in the world of debits and credits! Michelle, 7 years experience in public practice as a Chartered Accountant. Last year I quit full time employment to focus on my bookkeeping and accounting business, Little Miss Bookkeeping. In this episode we chat about how to take control of your finances, tax returns 101 & the mistakes to not make!


Watch your words... the power of gratitude with Angela Simson from The Gratitude Project

Angela Simson is a female health + happiness coach, writer and speaker. She is the creator of The Gratitude Project blog which inspires thousands of women to step into their light and live their best life. Angela is one hundred percent committed to giving
women the tools to completely change their lives through small acts of gratitude, tweaks in nourishing their bodies and the power to create what they desire in their relationships, career and personal lives. In this episode we chat about what exactly is gratitude,
how much it can shift your life, how to start being more grateful right now, how to practice properly + so much more.


Are you craving community like me?? Let's get more connected!

I just got back from a 5 night girls Bali tour! It was amazing & relaxing but the best part was being around 12 like-minded women who were passionate and inspiring! It made me realise how much I crave human connection with my community and how much it lights me up. Today I am chatting how I want to get more of that.


F*ck your diet!! How to make eating easy with author Caroline Dooner

Caroline writes funny self-help for chronic dieters and is the author of the book
The F*ck It Diet. Before she became a full-time writer and irreverent mindfulness teacher, she spent years as a performer, trying really hard to fit into the tiny/beautiful category. She also believed she was a food addict, and so
she dieted like it was her job, and she hoped it would help her meet her destiny, but all it did was crush her soul and hurt her body. Now she runs a business called
The F*ck It Diet and writes about our relationship to food and weight. She runs online workshops and courses and shares cutting-edge science on weight, health, and metabolism. She believes wholeheartedly that anyone can heal from
food obsession - and that the cure lies in the last place we thought: eating and trusting out body.


It's time to take BOLD action & back yourself!! Solo pep talk

Today’s episode is a solo chat all about taking bold action and backing yourself when pursuing your dreams. This is a pep talk to step into your power and follow intuitive stepping stones that you may be scared to take.


How to become confident, free and wildly happy with life & confidence coach Amy Rushworth

Amy Rushworth is a leading Confidence Coach & Transformational Mentor. She is on a big mission to support women in igniting their confidence, firing up their self worth and stepping into their full, feminine power. Certified as a life coach, holistic health coach and Transformational mentor, Amy has helped hundreds of women globally to reinvent their confidence and manifest magic in their lives.

Today we chat about confidence and go into why it is so important for women and how we can harness it. How to stop comparing ourselves to others. We chat about limiting beliefs and how we can conquer these. We also speak about how to get back up after a massive life event that brought us down such as a break-up or a loss.


All things gut health, stress, hormones, fertility, miscarriages + orthorexia with Naturopath & best-selling author Katherine Maslen

Katherine Maslen is a naturopath, nutritionist, best selling author of
Get Well Stay Well and Renegade for health. After completing two Bachelor degrees in Health Science, she has been helping people achieve good health for over 12 years.

Eight years ago, Katherine founded Brisbane Natural Health - Australia's first membership based holistic health clinic where she works with her team to help patients navigate their healing journey so they can live a life that they love.

In 2019, Katherine will be launching her audio documentary The Shift so she can share her knowledge and experience with a wider audience. The Shift is the first of it's kind; a carefully curated audio-documentary on gut health, that cuts through the murk of misinformation and gives listeners the absolute facts from some of the worlds most reputable global experts on gut health.

Today we are chatting about all things gut health as Katherine has SO much knowledge on this topic + we also chat about how to deal with stress & look after your adrenals, women’s wellness & natural fertility, also what to do after a you have a miscarriage + everyday superfoods to include in your diet! This episode was so so informative and I loved having this chat!


When 'healthy' becomes unhealthy: Conquering diet culture chat with Phoebe Parsons from Confessions of a Twenty-Something Train Wreck Podcast

This episode is a replay episode
from an interview I did on the Confessions of a Twenty-Something Train Wrek Podcast with Phoebe Parsons. We chat about our health journeys, some of the 'healthy' habits we picked up that didn't actually serve us & go into how we found #balance. This is entertaining but a real conversation about conquering diet-culture.


Foods for PMS, what to do when you get a cold & the truth about the #glutenfree trend with Jennifer Iserloh

This week’s guest is the amazing Jennifer Iserloh. Jennifer started out as a classically trained chef who then became a celebrating chef. To maintain balance during her hectic career, she became a certified yoga teacher, a certified reiki practitioner. She is the best-selling author of 22 books and regularly appears on TV to share her amazing knowledge. Apart from her books, television appearances and writings, Jennifer continues to empower people to take a greater role in their holistic health and enjoy life more.

Today Jennifer and I are discussing important topics like how to use food to heal your body, what are here go to superfoods, foods that help with PMS, what is the truth about this gluten free trend and sooo much more! Ohk let’s get straight into the show.


Conquering Imposter Syndrome & Self-Doubt

This week’s episode is a solo pep talk about self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is defined as “the persistent inability to believe that one's success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one's own efforts or skill”. It’s is that niggling feeling that even after winning that promotion or whatever your successes are in life that you actually don’t deserve them…. You feel like at any moment you’ll be found out to be a complete fraud.


Money mindset, finding a fulfilling career + how our beliefs affect our health with Amy Sangster

This episode we chat with Amy Sangster, who is coach on health & wealth! We chat about money mindset, how to choose a fulfilling career path, how our beliefs affect our health, how to train the brain to make better choices + so much more.


How I found my healthy: My health journey + What is Intuitive eating?

This week's podcast is a solo episode where I share a snapshot of my health journey. From one extreme to the next and how I took back control of my health. I then read out an exert from my ebook 'Find Your Healthy: A Beginners Guide to Intuitive Eating + Healthy Living Recipes' which explains intuitive eating and the first step to start taking back control.


Conquer your mental fitness: Why you need mindfulness with Dr Elise Bialylew

Dr. Elise Bialylew, is author of the #1 bestselling mindfulness guidebook, The Happiness Plan and founder of Mindful in May, the world’s largest online global mindfulness campaign that teaches thousands of people to meditate, while raising funds to build clean water projects in the developing world.

We chat about how can mindfulness release stress, improve wellbeing and transform your life, how mindfulness restructures and changes our brain, how someone can implement these practices into their lives right now & how to deal with resistance when starting a new healthy habit.


Juggling 'healthy' while you're busy, night time routine + holy grail health habit II Replay interview with The Healthy Hustlers

Today’s episode is a replay interview I did with the Healthy Hustlers Podcast. Madelyn Carafa & Tegan Martin came to my house and we did the interview in person, as you can tell in the interview we hit it off and I felt like I instantly connected with these two amazing women. In the episode, we chat about my hold grail health habits, my night time routine, my transition from corporate life to owning my biz, how I stayed healthy while working full time and doing my side hustle + so much more. Please make sure you check out The Healthy Hustlers Podcast and follow them on Instagram @thehealthyhustlers.


Giving yourself permission to pivot, The reality of post bikini/fitness shows + Starting your own business with Sami Rose

Sami (@samirosefitness) is a health & fitness coach. From being overweight in her early 20's, to competing at her leanest state in 9 bikini shows, she now lives somewhere in the middle and focuses on living her healthiest, happiest, and most balanced life, and teaches her clients and followers how to do the same!

Today me & Sami are chatting about how to stay motivated after you have conquered a big goal, how to give yourself permission to pivot when your goals change, Sami's experience with post fitness/bikini shows, completely step into your power & feel confident while doing it! + we have a in-depth chat about Sami’s experience of going out on her own & the good & bad with owning your own business.


Life Lessons to 18yr old self - Love, career, friendship & health

18 year old me and 24 year old me and two completely different people, but I wouldn’t have changed anything because every experience I had, both good and bad, got me to the person that I am today! However, there are quite a few lessons I’ve learnt over the years, and if it were possible to talk to my younger self, these are the 5 lessons and advice I would give. What life lessons do you wish you knew at 18?


Conquering ACNE + body positivity chat with Nicola 'The Unrefined’

This episode is for all my girls who struggle with skin issues and body issues! My good friend and acne guru Nicola (@the__unrefined on Instagram) is here to share her wealth of knowledge, insight and advice on how to deal with the many struggles of acne. Nicola is the creator of the online program F.ACNE which features 6 conventional & alternative health professionals on one platform. We chat about skin care routines, stress, the Acne Face Map, supplements and so much more on this episode, so I hope you enjoy it! Nicola is also the creator of the online program F.Acne, which teaches you in depth about acne, finding your triggers and provides you with a non-biased, judgement free community of fellow acne sufferers. Want a discount off the program? We have that too!


Leaving my corporate law job to pursue my passion, expanding my business + how you can build an online brand!

Host Georgie Stevenson gets interviewed by Sarah Wilson from the Life Lessons Podcast. Discussions include my transition from law to being a health coach, how I expanded my business, social media, building your online brand + so much more!


REAL TALK: Getting your period back, over-training & finding what foods bloat you! with Better Being Steph

In this episode of The Rise & Conquer Podcast, host Georgie sits down with Steph, the owner of the Better Being Steph, a platform for wellbeing, health and fitness. The topic of today’s episode is overtraining, orthorexia, finding foods that fit (or bloat) you, how to get your monthly period back, and much more.

Steph shares about how she changed her training routine, as it was too intense and negatively affected her body, social life, energy, and health. She was over-training, which is a mistake people can make sometimes when they push themselves too hard. However, when over-training occurs, the law of diminishing returns kicks into gear, and those ‘returns’ create issues for our bodies. Such negative consequences include the loss of muscle mass, loss of essential minerals, losing too much fat way too quickly, creating a hormone imbalance, and can even cause the cessation of a menstrual period. Your body will tell you when you are pushing too hard, and you better heed its warning. She suggests finding someone with the qualifications that can help you in setting up a good and fitting workout routine.

Steph also fought against and overcame orthorexia (nervosa,) an eating disorder characterized by preoccupation with being healthy and eating healthy food. She fell into this disorder when she started getting compliments on how healthy and attractive she appeared, which made her push even harder with her exercise and eating obsession at the time. So, it is good advice to avoid going overboard with health advice, and establish a balanced lifestyle that will even be healthier for you. After a while you will notice the patterns and find out which ones you may try to avoid. Steph shares that she will soon include some great recipes on her website Better Being Steph, her Instagram, and her other website Sneaky Wholefoods, so make sure to pay a visit and sign up for her newsletter.

Thanks for listening and I’ll catch up with you next time on the podcast!


The art of saying "No" & How to set healthy boundaries!

Do you find yourself saying yes to everything, even when you really feel like saying no? At the end of last year, I caught myself saying ‘yes’ to a bunch of things that weren’t making me happy or fulfilling my personal goals, purely because I just wanted to keep someone else happy! By putting other people first before myself, I ended up feeling cranky that I’d spent time and energy into things that didn’t fulfill me and by the end of the year, I felt burnt out and run down! And guess what? I didn’t spend half as much time achieving the things I wanted too! I think this is an area that LOTS of women struggle with… so this episode is for all my ‘people pleasers’ out there who need to learn how to say NO when it doesn’t suit them!


How to get anything you want!! Law of attraction, manifesting & gratitude hacks with Larissa Emara

In this episode of Rise & Conquer host Georgie sits down with Larissa Emara, the founder of I am happy, I am here to discuss about the Law of Attraction, how to be grateful in life, and how to get anything you want. Larissa started using gratitude journals about a decade ago, and this helped get her mind in the right place. She decided to make her own type of a gratitude journal, which proved to be a very successful venture.

The conversation starts about the Law of Attraction. Larissa defines the Law of Attraction as the vibrations we radiate that depend on our mood and outlook on the world at the moment, and how it attracts the like – a dull mood attracts dull behaviors and happenings; while when we are happy and inspired, it seems as if the world magically turns into an open, friendly, and inspiring place around us! Her advice is to make a mind shift by – Step 1: start by working on your vibrations, so that you start feeling happy as if you got everything you are asking for. Step 2: visualizing – you make a visualizing journal where you stick photos of the things you want to have in your life, and then by looking at it evoke the feelings that you would feel if you had that thing. This should be done regularly to notice the difference i.e. 3 times a week, everyday, and similar.

When speaking about manifesting, Larissa believes that it is taking control over what we want and using visualization to achieve that. It’s about paying attention to the feelings you are putting out. Once you discover what you truly want, and what you can manifest, then you can bring that into your life. You should focus on the feelings you want, rather than the thing or person itself that you believe you want. On the other hand, you can unintentionally project negative attitude towards things and people, and have it swing back like a boomerang. This typically happens if you have subconscious beliefs that certain things are scarce or hard and stressful to come by i.e. money, success, desirable partners. Gratitude is really connected to the Law of Attraction. You can always find something to feel grateful for in your life. Practicing gratitude will make it easier to shift into higher-level vibration, and improve the quality of your everyday experience and life. Sometimes people feel that they are unworthy of manifesting, but Larissa explains that every single person is worthy of happiness and can achieve it.

For the wrap up, Larissa shares some tips on what you can do today to evoke the Law of Attraction. You can start by simply making the shift towards feeling happy and grateful. Then you can do visualization. And finally, do your own research into this and discover that there is a lot under the surface. She recommends the book The Secret as a good start. You really need to believe what you want is going to come— even though you can’t see it, it’s there.


Staying in your lane: How to stop comparing yourself & feel enough

Do you walk a fine line between admiring someone and wishing you were them? As women, it is in our very nature to compete. We compete for men, for jobs and for a voice, but we have also developed the nasty habit of comparing ourselves to other women - and this is usually because we feel like they represent something that we don’t have, but secretly (or not so secretly) want in life. GIRLS, it is my pleasure to remind you that we are all running our own races, we are all on our own timelines and we all have our very own journeys to fulfil. We are UNIQUE and that’s what makes us so special. This podcast episode will teach you how to finally stop playing the comparison game, and finally begin to feel as incredible as you already are.


No BS health talk: how food affects hormones, celery juicing? + ditching diet culture - with Nutritionist Nina Gabriela

Today we go into Nina’s past of recovery from an eating disorder and how she transformed her mindset around food & her body. We also go into topics like diet culture, the best foods to lose weight, how food affects your hormones, how many calories a young girl should be eating, Nina’s opinion on this new trend of celery juice drinking + so much more!


STOP quitting! Set yourself up to achieve your goals in 2019

And just like that, we’re already one month deep into 2019! And I am so excited to be kicking off this year with my very own PODCAST! 2018 was a year for finding myself and achieving the goals I had set, and guess what, I achieved almost every single one of them. Want to know how you can finally achieve YOUR goals this year? In this episode I give you my actionable tips and steps to making sure you don’t just set amazing goals for your year, but you knock them straight out of the park, too!