𓉡 Rising Phoenix Reiki

Quantum thetawave healing ———•••» a multidimensional and intuitive approach to aligning mind, body, and soul

is a platform for healing and higher learning + a way to align our wildest dreams into our greatest potential

we are connecting and cocreating the limitless future the Collective Heart yearns for

it all begins with Self + expanding collective communication from 3D to 4D by integrating Compassion into our daily lives

in effort to build the Rainbow Bridge + weave the tapestry of the New Earth, our mission is to rebuild our world through an integration of all healing modalities ~ starting with the foundations of Reiki, guided meditations + workshops, soul coaching, and Rites of Passage
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𓉢 R E I K I ———•••»

Traditional Usui Reiki

Utilizing the ancient structure and practice of {REI} Life Force/Key + {KI} Energy, together with the 4 Kanji words Master Usui was given in meditation to bring transformational healing to the mind + body + soul

In-Person + Online
$88 ~ 60 min
$111 ~ 90 min
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Collaborations + Trades Encouraged

Intuitively led meditations and workshops utilizing various modality structures such as Astrology, Moon Astrology, Visualizations, Bill Plotkin's Ecocentric Wheel, MysterE's Spark, Mayan Dreamspell, and more

{Prices vary}
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Please reach out to collaborate, create + hold space, share teachings + wisdoms, cocreate community, and trade healing
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Weekly, bi-weekly, + monthly practice of accountable responsibility for healing

Coaching sessions founded upon the practice and study of {w}holistic healing — an integrative and multidimensional approach to preventative health utilizing intuitive and experiential led coaching

Sliding scale $22 — $55 per hour
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Crossing the threshold + embracing change

Ceremonies + gateway crossings lovingly facilitated for each individual

Whether you are in a process of reclaiming innocence, navigating from adolescence into the Cocoon Stage*, becoming a new parent, or stepping into your own Wellspring*; we create + hold space to empower your life change

As each individual alive today has the power to create their reality, so many of us still feel lost + alone, left to face the unknown without the seeds to plant a new + abundant inner garden

Community, love + guidance are the tools to walk through a world that is in the process of growing up. When we come together in intentional space, we find ourselves. It is in this that we learn to embody our power + divine nature, find the strength to let go of all that no longer serves us, and cross the threshold to rebirth ourselves through each passing of our story
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𓏲Phoenix Ilu𓆃

Reiki Master Healer, Soul Coach, Women's Guidance Facilitator

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My will is aligned with the Divine Will of Love • I Am I

The foundation of my work begins with Reiki. 2012 initiated a Sacred Oath my soul Sparked* and intuitively I began stumbling through the dark — not realizing I had actually begun building my Cocoon. My Reiki Masters heard my soul's calling and invited me into their first ever Reiki classes. Our class had 3 students, myself included; this process took 3 years of classes and 3 attunements to activate the true metamorphosis of the cocoon life stage.

As I continued to wind blindly through the labyrinth of the Great Mystery and the darkness of the cocoon stage, I entered through a 13 year process decoding my destiny one day at a time. So much of my life spent in misery; running from the inevitable collapse of my shadow; afraid to name my darkness and call it my own. Though I experienced glimpses of profound awareness and reverence for life, I was yet lost in the chaos of my own {un}doing.

My destiny led me out to Colorado to a soulmate that would become my daughter's father. I underwent an intense process of deep shadow work during my pregnancy — activating an extreme and traumatic birth experience in the summer of 2020. Navigating the first year of her life pressure cooked my being and accelerated my growth— stepping into the Phoenix and igniting the truth of my soul.

The journey of the Goddess is the journey of the ReUnion of the lost, wandering hero + the divine wisdom of 'That which perceives radiance, bliss, peace'— it is the journey into guidance by Intuition and Compassion.

Throughout my journey I have been a jack-of-all-trades. As a healer I have studied many healing modalities of all kinds; with Reiki as my foundation and structure. And what I have found is that Reiki opened the door to manifesting my dreams.

I invite you all to join me on a journey of Self Becoming + Becoming Self; of aligning with the mission of Source — the mission of Love. Join me as I step deeper into the Wellspring of Life and learn more about the wisdom of my soul; your soul; the soul of the Earth.

I Am I

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