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→ Empowering people to move through experiences with ease by releasing energetic blockages, allowing them to process, heal, and shift mindsets towards a more positive and inspiring future.

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Mystic MVMNT
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What is reiki?

Reiki is a form of energetic healing

Reiki started in Tibet, was adopted in India, and spread across Europe. It migrated to hawaii and then made its way over to the mainland from there.

Reiki can help with a lot of symptoms but it isn’t guaranteed to heal any sort of medical ailment and you should absolutely talk to a doctor if you have any concerns about your health!

Traditionally reiki is about balancing ones energetic field. It sort of works similar to the idea of the force in Star Wars (it’s just intensified in SW), it constitutes of placing the healers hands on or above the recipient around various points of the body, generally correlated to the chakra system.

The idea is to help relieve energetic blockages that can clog up our systems and create aches + pains, this is largely connected to the idea that unprocessed energy gets stuck on our bodies and the healer acts sort of like a tuning fork to the recipient.

By channeling a calm, compassionate, and loving state the healer calls the recipients energetic field into resonance allowing for these emotions to be felt + processed, often times without needing to articulate the feelings.

It allows someone to step outside of their headspace and into their bodies, stopping the analytical and overthinking thoughts from preventing the release of the energy.

What to expect

How does a session work?

My approach is to take some time before beginning the healing session to get to know you, understand what brought you, and what you’re looking to release/let go of throughout the session.

After our short introductions, I will ask you to lie down on your back, turn down the lights, and put on some nondescript music. We will do a short meditation to get into the right headspace and get you relaxed + comfy, then the session will begin.

If you’re okay with physical contact, I will place my hands at various points of your body (neck, shoulders, forehead, hips, legs—wherever I’m intuiting energetic blocks) and if you’re not ready for physical contact (absolutely okay) I will leave my hands in the air above you instead. I will work over your body, working to relieve stuck energy helping it get released.

After the reiki session we will take a few minutes to discuss what came up for you, what you felt, what you perceived, what you released. (some people need time to process and that’s absolutely okay). I will also let you know what came up for me.

You’re absolutely welcome to record the sessions with the voice recorder on your phone or take notes after the fact (journaling is encouraged)—I always find it’s nice to reference afterwards because processing the energy can be a lot sometimes.

Following your session the reiki energy will remain with you for 72 hours, call upon it anytime you feel out of balance. Be sure to drink lots of water, get lots of rest, and open to whatever comes up for you. I recommend journaling if that feels right to you.

My healing journey

How has reiki helped me?

For me, reiki was vital to my healing journey. It was a re-parenting I needed both within myself and from an external guide. It was the calling to awareness of all that I wanted to release, to call in, and to accept. It gave me language for that which I did not yet understand. It provided a safe space to feel emotions that had been long repressed.

After a traumatic and sexually aggressive relationship, I found myself on my own trying to discern who I was, understand what I loved, and discover my personal purpose in life.

Reiki was the guiding hand that pushed me towards my own person empowerment—along with a few other guides (like the book, Women Who Run With Wolves that has since become like a personal Bible, a few gracious and supportive friends, and a deeply spiritual and healing journey deep into the jungle of Sumatra).

Without reiki, I would have never set foot on the path that ultimately reconnected me to some of my biggest and oldest dreams. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of reiki to guide one towards deep personal healing of intuition, heart, mind, and soul. And, combined with the power of storytelling we can alter our existing course and redirect our energy towards our greatest personal purpose in life.

What reiki means to me

For me, the healer acts as a conduit for this process.

Providing a safe + comfortable space for the recipient to feel + process, holding space for that which can only be felt.

IMO it empowers the recipient to release that which no longer serves them (whatever is holding them back) and asks them to call in a force for positive change.

It acts on the power of observation and awareness and the power to change the internal scripting we have from traumas + past experiences through a more meditative brain state where things like the construct of language (an almost contradictory thing in itself, both empowering the validation of an experience and imprisoning someone into a way of thinking or belief system) is not relevant and all that exists just is.

I think it’s a whole bunch of things happening that we don’t necessarily have words or research on quite yet and probably taps into a quantum physics level of things, not yet fully grasped by our sciences today.

Reiki is something that I wholeheartedly believe in—it’s power of healing. I believe there’s power in, the power of the desire to actively seek solutions for change. And, I believe that reiki is about cultivating a holistic and deeply personal journey to that change.

I believe the concept of reiki taps into a deeply intuitive understanding of the unconscious/subconscious psyche and empowers people to make the internal shifts in their mental state to cultivate inner healing at a pace that works for the individual.

I believe that the first step to create change is through the power of belief and the the participation in reiki allows people the space for belief and the healer acts as a conduit for empowerment.