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Do you know WHY medical premium keeps on increasing?

Healthcare cost in Malaysia has been inflated steadily by more than 10% since year 2018.

Medical Inflation Happens because of

Reason #1

INCREASING DEMAND for better technologies & treatments

Reason #2

Discoveries of NEW DRUGS

Reason #3

INCREASING chronic & lifestyle illness

Reason #4

More MEDICAL CARE is required

4 Common Insurance Myths

Why do you need to be insured?

In this post, I've debunk some pretty common misconceptions about coverage types, products available and so forth. It's super important to educate yourself so that you're well-protected. Read on to find out more.

Myth #1 I'm already covered by SOCSO from my employer, I don't need extra coverage.


• SOCSO only covers you for WORK-RELATED INJURIES.

• It is NOT claimable for treatment on accidents that happen OUTSIDE OF WORK.

• It's also ONLY GOOD as long as you're working there!

Myth #2 It's better to have SAVING than INSURANCE.


• Having $$$ is important. BUT you may not TIME to save enough.

• *TOUCHWOOD*! What if you develop a Critical Illness in your mid-30s? Would your savings be truly ENOUGH?

• What if you need $$$ for other purposes?

Myth #3 Insurance is so expensive and adds unnecessarily to my monthly commitments.


• There's many Investment-linked packages that can be CUSTOMISED, EASY and FLEXIBLE as ordering your favourite nasi lemak! With a basic plan, you’re able to choose extra protection to suit your budget and lifestyle. Just tambah only!

• Term Life Insurance comes with adjustable coverage periods. Speak with your InsuranceMan, there's surely a plan for you.

Myth #4 I'm single and have no dependents, so I don't need Insurance.


• Financial obligations can OUTLAST you. These liabilities could become a burden to your parents or siblings.

• You may think you don't need it, but proper coverage will SAFEGUARD your loved one's future.

Some agent told me.... I can only claim using my medical card if I admit to the hospital.

Medical Card can only be claimed when I admit to hospital?

Many people thought that medical card can only be claimed when there is an admission to the hospital. It's not entirely true as there are 6 conditions when outpatient (means not staying in the hospital) is also CLAIMABLE. Let's reveal this together!

Condition #1

Kidney Dialysis Treatment

Condition #2

Cancer Treatment

Condition #3

Physiotherapy / Stroke Treatment

Condition #4

Dengue Fever Treatment

Condition #5

Minor Accident

Condition #6

Day Surgery

Use your smile to change the world 🌍 but don't let the world change your smile 😁

Imagine you have $28,000 in your bank account. What happens when you LOSE a FEW $$$? Well, you probably DON'T feel anything right? But WAIT! Did you REALIZE that the AVERAGE NUMBER of days a person live, is also 28,000? But when someone SPOIL your day, you actually spend a LONG TIME trying to RECOVER from it. Irony, isn't it? We all know that TIME IS MONEY. Remember that your time is LIMITED... Don't WASTE it.!!! Spend your time WISELY.!!! Spend your time with your CHILDREN walking on the beach. Spend your time with your FRIENDS building GREAT RELATIONSHIPS. Spend your time UPGRADING yourself with NEW SKILLS SET. In today's, I want to SHARE with you a SMILE FORMULA. That TAUGHT to me by my LEADER. I remember when I just started my career.. many things DIDN'T go as SMOOTHLY as I wanted. Sometimes I got UPSET when my Boss SCOLD me. Sometimes I got really FRUSTRATED. When I keep REPEATING the SAME MISTAKES... and sometimes I really wanted to GIVE UP. Then my LEADER introduced me to this SMILE FORMULA and it completely CHANGE my life! Here is how it works; When you FACE a problem, ASK yourself. "Can you SOLVE it?" If YES, SOLVE it, SMILE & MOVE ON. If you CANNOT solve it. Then SMILE & MOVE ON! There is NO POINT worrying about THINGS that you CANNOT control! You see in live, many of us are STUCK ON THINKING about ISSUES we CAN'T SOLVE and end up with NEGLECTING the IMPORTANT things around us. Like our LOVES one.. our FRIENDS.. our WELL BEING. If you're reading this, and you're having a BAD DAY. Don't worry! SMILE & MOVE ON! Remember, there is always a REASON to SMILE! TOGETHER, let's make the world 🌎 HAPPIER for everyone. 🫂

What happens if I die without a WILL?


My assets are all LOCKED🔒 where transactions cannot be performed. You can see it but you cannot touch it yet. What if my family solely depends on me financially?


My family members would need to obtain a COURT ORDER to UNFREEZE my assets. The court order for a person that passed away without a will is called LETTER OF ADMINISTRATION.


An individual can be appointed as the ADMINISTRATOR of my assets, meaning this individual will accumulate my assets, pay off all my debts, and distribute the remaining to my beneficiaries. The application of this letter will takes about 6 MONTHS TO 1 YEAR.


Two sureties or guarantor are required. These guarantors must have the amount of assets EQUAL TO MORE THAN MY ASSETS as an administrative bond. The issue is how many people will be willing to do that?


Since there is no instruction on how I wish to distribute my assets, they will be distributed according to law.

Do it NOW... because sometimes "LATER" becomes "NEVER" ⏰

Imagine you are the provider of your family and suddenly you're not here anymore, without any LIFE INSURANCE, it is an irreplaceable loss to your family. 😞 ⠀ Crisis happens to everyone... and one of the best ways to REDUCE the IMPACT of these unforeseen situations is to transfer the risk. No matter what kind of life insurance product you choose, you will be relieved knowing that the people close to you will be taken care of under unexpected circumstances. They will have time to recuperate from the tragedy. The peace of mind that comes with having life insurance in place is priceless. Speak to a InsuranceMan today if you are unsure what kind of coverage you need in order to get your whole family protected for unexpected events! 🙌


Imagine you're entering an aircraft and the pilot announces, “Welcome on board this beautiful airline. However, I'm sorry to inform you that we don't have any seat-belts or oxygen masks...” How comfortable do you feel sitting in that aircraft? You see, what you really want is the seat-belts and oxygen mask in place whenever you are entering an aircraft. And that is exactly what insurance is. It gives you peace of mind, just like how you feel when you know the aircraft has seat-belts and oxygen masks, even though you may have never used them. Some adventurous people might say, “It’s my life, I live it my way. Whatever happens, I don’t care… Let’s just live in the moment!” Well, I get it. Life is unpredictable and some people choose to live for the moment. But let me ask you this question, would you feel comfortable putting your family in an aircraft where there are no seat belts and oxygen masks? Think about it, that's exactly what you're telling your family to do by NOT buying Life Insurance… You see, the whole purpose of Life Insurance has been very clear - It's to protect your future income. The income that you expected to generate for your family. The responsibilities of the family that you're actually expected to fulfill. Everything that you’re expected to do, that's what insurance does for you. It makes sure that all the expectations that people have from you… are fulfilled. So, if you feel like “your aircraft” is missing seat belts and oxygen masks, find a chance to speak to InsuranceMan today so you know what to do to make sure you and your family are well protected. Together, let’s make financial planning happier and easier for everyone! 😉

Why should our loved ones suffer when we are no more? —

Sorting some paperwork before we go will ease their grief.

Here are a few aspects you should consider looking into:

Recommendation #1 Check Your Nominations⠀

It's a usual practice to put a name as a nominee, and conveniently forget about it. Most of us have named our parent or sibling for investments, bank accounts opened before marriage. Reassess your accounts and make changes from time to time at every stage of life, including your salary account. Kindly check all your Nominations and ensure they are the people you need to secure.

Recommendation #2 Passwords

Passwords are required for everything! Email accounts, Bank accounts, even for the laptop you use. Imagine what would happen when you are no more? The people you were saving for would not be able to access any of it. Note it down somewhere safe & ensure someone knows about it.

Recommendation #3 Investments

We all do a few investments here and there; sometimes for tax reductions and sometimes because we want to put aside something for a rainy day. Maintain an excel sheet as well as a hard copy of them all.

Recommendation #4 Will

Contact a lawyer, make a Will. I know it is more paperwork, but it will make life easier for your loved ones. You won’t need an indemnity bond or no-objection certificates from anyone. Get it witnessed by a doctor who can claim that you were sane when you made it and a lawyer who knows the rules.

Recommendation #5 Liabilities

When you take a loan, for a property or a car, ensure you figure out the “what ifs”. What if you are not there tomorrow? Would the EMI still be within the range for your family to pay off? If not, get insurance on the loan. The people left behind will not have to worry about something as basic as the roof above them or their mode of transport.

Let us at least try making that change so our loved ones don’t endure struggles after we go. We do not know how the future unfolds.


Note: This was summarized from a REAL case study!

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