About Us

Robertson County Women’s Club

The Robertson County Women’s Club is located in Mount Olivet, KY.
Our goal is to be able to help, and sponsor local citizens in need.
We also do fundraising events such as benefit pageants, chili suppers, health fairs, alumni banquets, silent auctions, Christmas parades, and more!!!

Halloween Decorating Contest

Being judged on October 30th

Prizes: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Halloween ribbon
To enter, please contact:
Janie Wheary at 606-842-0009
Jennifer Issac at 859-405-3004
Melissa Thomas 859-298-4715

2023 RCS/Deming Alumni Banquet

This year we had a chicken meal at the banquet, and it was a success!
We even made all of the desserts!

Christmas Parade, Chili Supper, Silent Auction

Our Christmas parade, chili supper, and silent auction will be on December 3rd, 2022!!

Hanging of the Greens

Robertson County Women’s Club Swags

Every year, the women’s club comes together to make, and decorate the town with gorgeous greenery in the spirit of Christmas !!
Here is a photo of some of the swags in the middle of Mount Olivet!
Aren’t they festive!?!

Bake Sale @ Miss Purple Paws

The Robertson County Women’s Club held a bake sale at the very first Miss Purple Paws Benefit Pageant on Saturday, November 20th 2021!
We had lots of fun, made memories, and even received an “official vendor” golden plate!