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What is the imagination platform

Why is the imagination platform

The imaginary platform a.k.a. roblox is a platform for a little kids to play and create make new friends if signing up for roblox please do not use your real name using your real name  under the age of 7 may not play as they could give personal disclaimer parents may always keep their eye on their children while playing Roblox scamming pedophiles and more are not allowed on the platform thank you for reading this message

Sorry for the inconvenience

What happened to the website

Sorry LOL this website was made by a 12 year old hopefully you understand

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Learn how to trade today

So how can I trade

Trading is only given to you if you owned premium or have premium please read the following

You need to go to roblox trade hang out you can do this by going to the search bar you might be wondering why can I enter or what’s wrong as I said you’re going to need premium if you buy premium today you will get 450 robux 

Is it even worth it it’s up to you buddy you make the choices

Who to stay away from

Don’t get hacked keep your login details to yourself

This hacker hacked roblox back in late 2013 they go by the username of 1×1×1×1×1 they scared the roblox community and even hacked the website they made and published hats that were soon to arrive but shortly got canceled