I love helping people do what they never thought they could do!

My name is Robyann Oakes and I’m a fitness-loving, weight lifting, humor connoisseur. I coach, train, and provide nutrition/lifestyle support for people who want to improve fitness, reach new levels of performance or simply increase quality of life.

I am NASM CPT, and GPT certified. I hold a CF-L1 and am a certified Precision Nutrition Coach. I taught Kung Fu and self defense for 3 years, and coached and competed at an elite level in Crossfit for 3 years.

Through my fitness experiences I’ve worked through difficult things such as disordered eating, overtraining and injuries. And I’ve learned wonderful things like performance and mentality training, igniting discipline and that nutrition is a form of self respect, not punishment or guilt.

I believe that sleep, nutrition, hydration, fitness and recovery are the 5 vital elements of health and empower my clients to achieve their goals by embracing them.

I create personalized programming for each client that leads towards their specific goals with a holistic approach. We cover the 5 vital elements and seek to achieve optimal hormone, gut health and quality of life in the process.

Empowering and inspiring clients is a privilege I take very seriously, but believe in balance and want people to have as much fun achieving goals as possible. I also believe that the long game is the only game when it comes to health and encourage gradual, sustainable changes that will provide lasting results.