Helping women embrace and love themselves through food, fitness and spirituality.

Food is my love language and photography is my passion. My purpose is to serve others by helping them love and accept themselves. I struggled my entire life with self acceptance and confidence and want to help others get to a place where they can thrive.

Sprinkled with human design, based in spirituality I use Holistic Health to help you own your magic and be the best version of you that you can be.


My most recommended book!

If you’re looking for something Human Design to read, something spiritual or just a great book here are my top recommendations!

The Signs

This book is such a great and thorough reference for astrology! It breaks it down so it’s easily digestible and applicable! Highly recommend for anyone interested in astrology!

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Such a beautifully raw book on life, love, addiction and being unapologetically you! Being wild and untamed and living in the beauty that is being a woman!

You Were Born For This

Amazing book on the three big aspects of your natal chart, your sun, moons and rising and how their placements and houses affect your life. Incredible detailed, this book lives up to its name and will help you will radical self acceptance!

The Alchemist

This is probably the most beautiful book I’ve read about leaning in and trusting the universe and trusting yourself! A must read for anyone looking to expand!


Just a classic and one of the best books I’ve ever read. Enough said.

Do What Feels Good

I loved this book and everything it stands for. Just be you, do what feels good to you while taking care of yourself body, mind and soul.

Many Masters Many Lives

One of the most amazing books that will truly shift your perspective on what happens after we die and your perspective on time itself.

Anatomy of the Spirit

Another book that just blew me away. This book shows us how healing ourselves and our chakras can help heal us physically. Letting go of anger, bitterness, revenge or sadness can heal us in ways we can’t imagine.

Understanding Human Design

A great book that will help you easily understand yourself through the Human Design system.


I can’t lead you here without something to please the senses!