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I’m here to empowering those who wish to live a life with full of expression and freedom while creating financial abundance, legacy, soul alignment and impacting the planet on a sustainable level within the online space.

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My story

What lead me to here... My intention is to share with you all who I used to be, how I transformed into the woman you see before you and the future I am now stepping into. ( which you can also be part of ) 🌿

My whole life I’ve never felt smart enough or good enough to do anything in my life.

Horrible at your basic school subjects so much I had to have extra classes and tutors.
Received F’s on most of my grades and had zero confidence.

This led to a big black empty future I saw for myself.

So naturally I got lost in the “ party “ scene.

💰 My first job was at Woolworths where I would work nights dealing with fear, verbal abuse, violence, theft and sexual abuse

This as a young woman was so scary for me.
And not ONCE did I feel protected by the company unfortunately.

Which led me to quit.

But wait!!

What else could I do?
I’m not good at anything?
I have no skills, I am not smart.

My mother told me I was fantastic with children and I should study early childhood.
So I did

The past 5 years I have been working in this Industry.

It has given me SUCH a large understand of what it means to be human and how we develop.

🧡 Watching a child take their first steps into MY arms.

🧡 empowering little boys to express there emotions freely.

🧡 showing little girls that their beauty actually lies within

So many wondering experiences I have been apart of.

This job is so important
it upsets me that the system doesn’t see this work to be important enough or valued enough to warrant a more substantial wage that is equivalent to the AMOUNT of energy this job requires.

- Pay check to pay check
- Been in debt since I was 15
- Never seen more then 2,000 in my account
- Can’t get a loan because I’ve been block !

There must be more to life than this !!!!!

🦋 I started to change those belief systems that told me I’m not smart enough
🦋 I started putting a lot of energy into personal development courses
🦋 focusing on my health and well-being

I started to grow and blossom.

However my financial situation remained the same.

“ I love my job, it’s not about the money it’s about the children”

I told myself.

What about my dreams ?

🌱 land
🌱 community
🌱 a place of healing for men and women
🌱 sustainable living
🌱 creating a family
🌱 providing a house for my parents so they can retire amongst their grandchildren.
🌱giving back to the community

Can I even get there ? Or will this just remain a fantasy?

Then COVID happened.
Decrease in money and left with no work.

Divine timing ✨✨✨✨✨

The universe presented me with an OPPORTUNITY!

- More income
- More Freedom
- More Leadership
- More Growth
- More expansion
- More space to EXPRESS MYSELF!!

How could I say no to all that I had been manifesting?

I choose to recreate my life !

I choose to change my money stories and create full abundance for myself !

I choose to step into my divine self and be the LEADER that I AM !

I choose to build the life that I want!

This opportunity has completely aligned my life in ways that now I can actually see where I’m going 👁

We live in a new world with the most incredible tools available..


This new path as connected me with incredible humans that care about -

Offering a platform that uses high commissions and has a 3 step formula on how to fast track to 5 figure months

I get paid to
Share myself with the world
Be completely authentic
And feel freedom everyday

So many people from all walks of life, are making great money online leveraged automated affiliate marketing business.

If this is something that interest you and your curious on how it all works, I’m about to share it with you. 👇🏽

I feel most fulfilled when I am of service to people 🤍

So I am here to empower you!
To show you what’s possible
To support you so you can create your desires and dreams in your REALITY!

The new earth is coming.
The time for change is now.

Let’s reclaim our future TOGETHER!!

With love and light 🧡✨

Rochelle xo