The Ambition

Rockologist was founded in 2015 as a bespoke crafter of benchmade wedding rings. One of our ambition is to make benchmade wedding ring accessible to as many people as possible, so more can discover and appreciate this unique craft on their big day. Rockologist provides the assurance that while a lot of items people use everyday are mass-produced, their wedding rings will not be one of them.

The Artisans

In working towards that objective, we have managed to help specialist benchmade artisans once again make a living through their passion. Many of them were previously forced to work below their real expertise, as mass jewellery production technology had stolen the interests for benchmade jewellery orders. Until now, we are still striving to raise people’s interest in benchmade jewellery, which is starting to be abandoned as big retailers move towards the modern mass production process.

The Materials

We takes material curation seriously, as excellently authentic materials are the key in each of Rockologist's crafting processes. The metal grade is measured with great precision (and is often exceeded) to fulfil the promises made. In Rockologist we only offers curated natural diamonds that have been checked for authenticity by the third-party Gems Laboratory. We truly do not take the materials we use lightly, as we believe that the historical benchmade process should not be stained by the use of substandard metals, let alone synthetic diamonds.

The Companion

Apart from the benchmade process and excellently authentic materials, there is one more aspect that sets Rockologist apart and drives our team to deliver passionate results. That is, when we become real witness –albeit small and silent– of couples in their journey to a wonderful marriage. Knowing that what we have crafted will be a constant companion (literally as the rings will wrap around their fingers) in their ups and downs, laughter and tears, and every moment until the end of times, is what fuels us. Our team is filled with genuine smiles and happiness throughout the entire process.