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Dallas, TX and the world, what’s really good?

If you’re here right now, you’ve found me and my ramblings on social media and are probably trying to figure out who I am and what I do. You probably have some idea based on what led you here, but the sum of my all passions is a little harder to explain.

What I can explain is what you’ll find here.

My works, across a curriculum of disciplines, all in one place and available for your critique and consumption.

Here you can find articles I’ve authored as a hired gun for a number of publications, podcasts and audio programming reflective of my creative tastes and interests, photo and video projects rooted in my personal history and advocacies, tweets and updates that resonate and attempt to define me – and so much more.

I hope you find something that speaks to you.

Reach out via email linked below, and enjoy.

About Me

A multi-disciplined, highly-vocal and impassioned advocate of culture, specializing in multimedia content with the purpose of elevating and advancing the voices, narratives and experiences of the underrepresented across digital media and in real-world spaces.

Great Weather

In response fo the COVID-19 pandemic and its enforced (lol) social distancing measures, I recently began a series of digital broadcasts called Great Weather. This program on alreadyRADIO features a playlist of audio selections that reflect the theme and sonic aesthetics of slow cruising down the boulevard on a carelessly pleasant day. I intervene only intermittently to offer some anectdotal game, insight, and cultural and historical context for the various songs, but a podcast this is not. Great Weather is all about the music and the feeling.


At my core, I’m a storyteller.

I’ve always had a passion for writing – more specifically, telling stories. I remember the exact feeling the first time I presented an original work to a captive audience, and how malleable their emotions and reactions were; how they clung to the edges of my words with excitement and anticipation. It was a sensation I instantly became obsessed with, and I’ve since searched for that same feeling every time I touch the page.

Arts & Culture

I’ve spent many years covering music, art and creators for local publications.

Below are articles I’ve written that cover a range of artists and disciplines. It is always a pleasure to unpack the mind and perspectives of creators. What inspires them, what is moving to them, what separates them from the pack. It is always my intention that the profiles I author are as entertaining to read as they are to create.


Backstage With Saul Williams

“A documentary, semi-biographical feature film, five studio albums, several appearances and collaborations across genus and genre, a broadway production, national and international tours as both a supporting and headlining act, and myriad writings later, he greets us with a certain still humility reserved for a studied master – morseling his powers between digestible bits of cool, thoughtful reserve and raw mouthfuls of artistic possession.”

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David Jeremiah’s Uncompromising Vision

“Call it skepticism. Call it satire. Whatever it is, it’s free game for Jeremiah and he’s aware enough to be simultaneously enraged and tongue-in-cheek about the social inequities and racial inconsistencies that inspire his art. He has a history of confrontational artwork. His previous piece, “The Lookout,” involved him locking himself in a makeshift cell for three weeks. Attendees were allowed in one at a time, asked to put on a KKK mask, and to stick-and-poke tattoo white tattoo ink into a KKK mask he had previously tattooed on his ribcage. The goal was to push the viewer into an intimate conversation with the artist.”

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Dallas’ Terence Nance: From HBO TO THE TOON SQUAD.

“Random Acts of Flyness‘s first six episodes purposefully defragments dated and narrow perspectives of blackness in an age where the growth and advancement of expressive freedoms are at war with the rigidity and ignorance of convention and tradition.”

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