My Story ✨

My Name Is Genesis! I am 28 years young and found this opportunity four years ago scrolling on iNsta! I Read about fat burning coffee right when I was at my biggest and feeling really insecure about myself. My symptoms were fatigue, brain fog, bloated, low energy. I had such hope that at the time I used my last unemployment check, bought my business kit and used the sample product it came with and I was hooked! In 7 days I knew something was changing in my body. I quickly realized that if I could lose weight and make extra cash this would be AMAZING! I was always broke, living paycheck to paycheck, & missing out on family events, nurturing& raising my kids.! I knew something had to change but didn't get over myself and kept this victim mindset of " if only I was born rich blah blah blah." For the longest nothing changed, I even got a job as an optician which I absolutely enjoyed! But had no freedom and had babysitting issues every week! 😭 I became obsessed with keeping my kids with me at all times. I got pregnant with my 3rd child and I decided I was going to be a PRESENT MOM. Becoming a stay at home mama made sense, suddenly I was waiting on my significant other to provide my basic desires and needs although this is nice, this didn't feel right so I got over myself and started working the business. This opportunity couldn't have come at a better time in my life. In general extra spending money is always nice. I didn't run with it but In my walk I have found purpose, made amazing friends, met the most empowering & inspiring woman, Now that I'm running and taking this serious I'm making money, I'm helping woman daily reach their goals and to dream big showing them how to make money too is seriously a honor! I'm not just changing my life but I'm part of a life changing situation for others! ✨

There's no coincidence that you clicked on my page, God has amazing things aligned for you too! Step into faith and the rest will be history! 😊😍

If you're anything like me, you don't want to spend the rest of your life working for someone else' dream, clocking into a job that has no flexibility, and having a capped salary. Struggling to find a baby sitter and hoping your kiddos are in good hands. Wishing you could just make some income without having to leave your home! Tired of Missing out on life ! You want to upgrade your life , think bigger, be part of a life you thought not attainable, fill out my application!

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