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Whitney Lawson

Hi, friends! My name is Whitney! I’m an average mom to a crazy 5 year-old, wife, Street Parker, & lover of Jesus. If you follow me here you’re going to see a lot of makeup, a lot of my little Gage, some exercise, and a lot of baked goods!

In my free time I love to bake and try new things in the kitchen - but I hate cooking regular food! My favorite dessert is cake (or cupcakes), and I also love a good chocolate chip cookie. I also love to do CrossFit, even if it doesn’t always look like it! I’m also obsessed with Star Wars, and I’m rabid fan of the Kansas Jayhawks #RCJH

My faves

No really, you need this!

I love sharing my favorite things - things that make my life easier, favorite products, favorite recipes... you name it, I’m going to share it!

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!

I can make chocolate chip cookies in my sleep! This recipe was developed by my mama when I was a kid, and everyone who tries them becomes obsessed! I’ve provided a few different variations you can try as well! You won’t be disappointed! You can also head to my IGTV to see a demonstration from that time I made 4 dozen at once!

Cowboy Caviar

This is the BEST & also EASIEST party dip on the planet! I apologize in advance because it is SO addicting! 😝

Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer

Ok - you guys - this is my holy grail, my ride or die, my must have, can’t live without it makeup product. Yes, I sell it, but NO that is not why I love it. It is the perfect amount of coverage for every day wear, it doesn’t dry me out, and it doesn’t make me break out! I. Am. Obsessed. And I know you will be, too. It comes in Light, Medium, and Dark - and matches a VERY wide range of skin tones! If you need to try before you buy, hit me up for a sample!

Scotcheroo Cookies

The flavor profile of a Scotchie, in cookie form. These are dangerous!

Summer Berry Trifle

We all know I’m a cake snob, but sometimes a box mix and a tub of cool whip make magic, too! This summer trifle is so fast, easy, and honestly refreshing!

Walmart Grocery Pickup

Want to take $10 off your first grocery pickup!? Tap that link and get to shopping!! - seriously, this saves my life! I’ve barely been into a grocery store for over a year 😂 Busy working mom or fur mom, stay at home mom with crazy kids, just don’t feel like doing your own shopping?? This is for you!

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