Just a mom creating passive income streams using crypto currency on auto pilot

Our future is digital

“To become wealthy you need to create at least 7 income streams.” - Jade Hohaia
16 November 2020

A well respected Wahine Maori who stood tall at our women’s conference 2 years ago speaking on successful marketing strategies she implemented for large franchises such as coco-cola and Nike whenever companies were in need of product launches to help meet their financial targets her vision and knowledge was what helped them hit the bulls eye. She phoned me one day and asked me about the vision I had for my life and she said she believes it can happen and to remember the number 7.
“7 is the amount of income streams you need to create to sustain your vision.”

From that day forth I’ve slowly implemented ways to create these income streams using whatever skills and talents I had in my hands. I sit currently with 4 streams of income. CFX being the only passive Income stream where I do absolutely nothing and earn on a weekly basis.

Many of you here have seen my journey.

The journey of being a stay home mum, to a working mum, to a mother who was made redundant and taking whatever job she could get to a mum who was full time studying and finally a mother who then created herself a business that young and old benefit from and my clientele sits comfortably at 317 in numbers to this day.
I also have an online shop with handmade products by me. I think anything is possible!!

In October last year, I brought my first trading pack every Sunday I am paid the commission from the trades on a weekly basis. For me you all see how demanding my life is and how time poor I can be so I needed something producing an income while I maintain, expand and stabilise my business The Garden Holistic Therapies Limited.

CFX was the perfect opportunity for me to leverage my time and continue doing what I do, I’ve now chosen to step it up and upgrade my trading packs and purchased two more to have 3 packs working for me every day, week to week and being paid 3 times every Sunday.
This means I am paid 4 times in a week because of this passive income.

Learning about crypto currency has been a step in the right direction. Personally I disagree with our banks fiat system by being educated in these online spaces I have been able to take full control over my Income and savings to reproduce and earn rather than it sitting in my savings account earning little to no interest on a monthly let alone weekly basis.

For me I am on a mission to create long-term sustainable, multiple income streams to support the vision I have in developing products and services that will continue to benefit those I work with in the health and wellness industry these weekly payments serve me as a vehicle to where I am going. You can either jump in and come along for the ride or stay where you are. You determine the life you would like to live and I believe no risk is ever met without resistance.

Keep your eyes ahead and not behind, above and not below. Happy Trading Fam!

DISCLAIMER- CFX is an educational platform and we are investing in a service.
All previous returns do not guarantee future results.
I do not know of one single person who has missed a weeks pay.
I am NOT a financial advisor.
I do NOT promise any future percentages as I cannot predict the market future no one can.

For tax please speak to your accountant.


DO NOT USE ANY CFX APP THERE IS NO CFX APP. It is not legitimate and you will lose your investment so please stick to the links below.

Please do NOT start your trading packs if you have paper hands and can’t see the increase of upgrading and the increase of infinite cash flow there’s no point literally.
Don’t hit me up if you have paper hands.