- welcome -

Bok!Or in english hi. My name is Mia and I'm comfortable with any pronouns,but I preffere he or she .D

On my account you'll see TWD edits and K-pop videos.

Also,if you want to ask me something,need someone to talk to or something else just DM me on here or on snapchat which is miaoiix !

- socials -

:: snapchat - miaoiix,lynnlypse(made this one so I can prank my friend lol )

:: discord - stan TxT#6747

:: instagram - cevapi.i.lepinja

- question ideas -

- Look at this cute dog! The last thing you ate is it's new name
- How do you think my voice sounds like?
- Your 6@ is secretly Ed Sheeran
- We switched signs! Which sign am I?
- If your idol didn't exist,who would be your idol?
-Replace the last word of your favourite song with your ult biases/idols name
- Which apps do you use for editing?
- If you could commit any crime without going to jail,which crime would you commit?
- What's your favourite thing to do in summer?
- What's 14-3•5+6:2?

- my red and green flags -

❌Red flags:
4.people that like orange juice /j
7.Americans( the ones that know geography can stay )

Now to the good,shall we?

✅Green flags:
1.K-pop stans,Dunkins,MCYT fans (not toxic ones,of course)
2.aesthetic fps
3.People that use :) , :( , :D , :P , <3 ...
4.small accounts that follow their followers back
5.people that don't think sexuality is a trend
6.beautiful people,for example,you

- my account -

Here are some thing you can and can't do on my account :)

Things you can do :

1.Self promo - I'm totally fine with someone promoting their account on my videos,just if somebody for exp.likes 5 of your videos do the same to them(if they have videos or if they don't have a private account)

2.Give advices to others- YES!Somebody maybe just started their account and some advice could help them.

3.Telling someone what's wrong and what's right

4.Ask for Mutuals

Now to the things you can't do:

1.Hate on someone

2.Send de@th threats to someone bc of their religion,skin colour,sexuality,etc.

3.Not wanting to be friends with someone bc of their sign(sorry but it's rlly stupid)