About Me

Turning Beaty Inside Out

Hi, I’m Ronilea! I’m a girls girl and love all things beauty. My love for luxury beauty products is rivaled only by the thrill I get from getting the great deals! Full disclosure, I consider myself a professional retail therapist! Here’s a little about my story, and how I ended up in this crazy “shampoo” business making money from my phone with my best friends. I’m a busy mama, work full time managing a dental office and have still been able to utilize this business to create residual income - meaning I can actually make money while I’m sleeping.

After getting divorced, I experienced devastating hair loss. I was lucky enough to have a friend suggest some naturally based hair products and I was hooked immediately! When I heard about an opportunity to partner with the company and make it a JOB... I mean, why not? Right? Since I started my business in 2018 our product line has continued to grow to include naturally based hair, skin, and wellness products! It’s not just about how you look, it’s about how you feel. Focusing on a beauty routine that starts from within to make you feel radiant. So, let’s be BFFS!! I’m here to hustle like a mother and theirs room for everyone at this table.