Who is Zell?

Ronzell is currently a college graduate of The University of South Alabama. During his 4 years at this prestigious institution, he completed a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Health & Fitness. With huge dreams and aspirations, he hopes on becoming a successful gym owner and elite fitness trainer. He tends to illustrate traits of being energetic, respectful, kind, and humble. He is also open-minded and willing to listen to new ideas to learn and gain knowledge . As a hard working scholar and inspiring four sport athlete throughout high school, Ronzell always had hopes of playing college football on a full-ride scholarship, but he soon realized that it wasn't in God's plan and decided to go another route.

Life for Ronzell hasn't always been how it is now. He is grateful for where he is today, and he wouldn't be where he is now without God and his supportive family, coaches, teachers, and true peers.

"I always felt like I could be a role-model for my little brothers. After losing our mom in 2010, I knew it would be a tough road for them growing up without our mother around. I just want to show them that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and keep God first." - Ronzell Teague, Jr. (Owner/Founder of ZellGoFitness, LLC)


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Ky & Zell YouTube Channel

ZellGoFit Transformations

I’ve always believed that actions speak louder then words. As a certified personal trainer, their are numerous things that are important, but the most important thing to me is gaining your trust and earning your respect. I can’t promise you that I can get you to your goals by a certain date but I can promise you that I won’t let you give up on yourself if you believe that you can accomplish your goals. The ONLY way for me to help you reach your fitness goal is to find yourself “FROM WITHIN”. I can give you the blueprint to success, but you have to be willing to believe in yourself first in order for me to help you reach your goal. I CAN promise you that I will give you my best effort every SINGLE day, but that’s only if you allow me to bring the best out of you. I’m just your biggest cheerleader throughout your fitness journey, but I PROMISE you that we will win a championship together if you trust in me and believe that you can WIN ! Let’s go find yourself “FROM WITHIN” !

ZGF Transformations

ZellGoFit Family

Come join the ZELLGOFIT FAMILY ! Full of diversity, and personality, we thrive off of making each other better. It’s important to have accountability, and it’s more important to have people you can relate to. We all have fitness goals that we want to accomplish, but most importantly we all want to make a lifestyle change towards a long and healthy life. Let’s find yourself “From Within”!

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KyZell Bands & Step Cardio

A fitness couple collaboration class that consist of xtreme hip-hop/r&b step-aerobics and a full-body HIIT workout with resistance bands. The music selection also has a twist of Jersey Club Mixes to help create a fun and exciting workout experience that you won’t ever forget !

Ky & Zell Fit Couple Class