One day I will look back and I will miss this, but for now I’m trying to enjoy everything of it. ~ Reqaya

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Yes, thats me. The girl with two names, but still use her nickname Rooroo to indentify on the internet because she really likes the name! You can see this blog as a place where I can write down all my thoughts and you as a reader can enjoy it. I will write about religion, life, relationships, the books/ series I’m reading or watching at the moment and all that other cheesy stuff.

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What is religion for me

“Love is find when there is religion”

Religion is my guide in life. It gives everything a meaning and makes life much easier in a different kind of way, because we all know that life will never become actually easy, but isn't it not the fun thing about life? Besides God promised ease in Paradise or Heaven (or whatever you'd like to call it) and life is sure as Hell (you see the pun) not Paradise.

As a wise man once said, _''Love is find when there is religion.''_ I totally believe this, because Religion gives me love, actually God gives me love, but I practice loving in following His religion. The thing is that God gives me a heart and in life love is really hard to find, so I seek it from God and what is better than loving the One who created me, the One who loves me more than anybody in this world? Yes, I totally love God and because I love Him, I try to love his creatures even when it's so hard sometimes! But my religion teaches me how to love.

Last but not least, Religion makes me a better person. It always teaches me to be kind, to love, to be modest, to give more then to get, to help, to not talk bad about each other, to be positive and to be trust worthy.

I am always trying to practice my religion and try my best to not sin, but we are human beings so we sin and sin and sin. It's normal for us to sin, because God didn't create us to be perfect or else we would've been Angels. The only thing we need to do after sinning is asking for forgiveness, because Allah is the Most Forgiving, Merciful.

Peace be upon you,