The Rooster 💕

On a Journey to Better!

Hey Rach here or otherwise known as Rooster!

For the last few years i have suffered a lot with depression, anxiety, low self esteem, lack of motivation and confidence.
I've always worried about the opinion of others and because of that i have held myself back from doing things i've wanted to do because of fear. I have run businesses and failed because i allowed that fear to take over my life and drive me to indulge in alcohol, some very late nights and me fantasizing about what my life could be if i just got my shit together!

I'm going to be blatantly honest here, i have gained a lot of weight, lost interest in myself and just struggle from day to day to get from morning until night. I've been on autopilot getting up, making breakfast for the kids, getting them sorted for the day, cleaning, cooking, washing then bedtime and drink time for mammy! I've been just existing for the sake of the family, not a way to live at all!

So i am stepping out of my comfort zone, conquering my fears, quitting alcohol, losing this weight and just going for what i want rather than dreaming about it! Life is short and i don't want to look back with regrets, i don't want to think of opportunities that i allowed to pass me by because i feared being insulted, laughed at or judged by others! It's now or never, nobody knows when our day will come to leave this life so leave with memories and a legacy, and a fucking good one at that! Apologies for the language, this is me and i wouldn't be me without an odd swear word thrown in! And i don't really care if that isn't acceptable to some people because i don't live by others opinions anymore......the freedom to be yourself is just the best feeling ever! 💕

If you want to join me on my journey, jump on board everyone is welcome, i will always be learning and sharing with the hope to inspire others and i will support anyone on a journey to be better versions of themselves but be warned, i will make mistakes, we all do but we will always learn from them and keep charging forward.

Love Rooster 💕