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you're every dream i wish consumes me.

i love you at your best, i love you at your worst and i love you in all the shades in between too.

you're the greatest love i've ever known. i'm forever writing you on the stars and confessing my love for you to the moon. you're my starry night. you're my favorite melody. i love you with the very best of me.

you're g r a c i o u s.
queen of hearts, the queen of my heart.

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i'm so grateful for you.

there is no time that is not yours, no space you don't fill, that you don't consume. you make me wanna sing the sweetest melodies.

i want to be your wings, i want to fly around with you forever. i want to strengthen your heart until it becomes unbreakable, untouchable by evil.

the force of my love will sustain you faithfully. our souls were mended before time itself was created.

bask in my love and grow strong in the force of my sun. i'll be eternally your person.

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i wanna love you everyday without even saying the words.

there's something divine in how we are dividing mind, spirit, heart and soul.

you're eternal, magic, unique. you're more than a home, you're a temple. the beautiful places within you is where i always run to.

the sun is shining warmly because of you. you're strength. you're beauty. you're goodness and grace.

i adore you to my bones.

sarkisian —

my gypsy soul found its home.

"twin flames is two people who were split into different bodies but share the same soul. they’re basically one soul in two bodies. twin flames make soul mates look and feel totally disposable in comparison, since they’re like super soul mates."

let me tell you one thing: you always told me i was your lucky charm and i could never perceive how you got to be the lucky one, since i was the one who had the privilege of experiencing life with you. since i was the person that you choose to trust and carry your secrets, your beliefs and insecurities. since i was the one loved so tenderly by you.

you called me your twin flame and when i first researched it, i knew it. you were the lucky one because i was too. we were connected and i was reflecting everything that you are in a fond, beautiful, way. every since i met you, i'm not the same person that i used to be. i'm better, i'm lighter. i keep learning so much from you and you've changed me, changed my life, my heart and my spirit forever. there's no going back from that. and i'd never want to.

it's a blessing to find someone who resonates exactly like you. when you are happy, i'm twice as much for you. when i'm happy, i can feel your heart at ease. even when we're fucked up, we're fucked up together. when i'm at my lowest, you magane a way to bring me back. you're my support network.

i love you with all the grace that only love can bear and i honor our bond. it will outlive us. i thank your spirit for embracing mine.

"you’ll probably have many soul mates, but there will always be just one twin flame."

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there are no words for me to explain you. i can’t quite understand how much you became so much to me; i planted your seeds on my land and i’d presumed that you were going to blossom but i didn’t know it was going to be this magnificently. i thank all of the stars and the fragments of this vast universe that made my existence collide with yours. you’re softer than silky rain on my skin. you’re greater than a movie marathon of my favorite genres. you’re more precious than thousands of diamonds, emeralds and rubies. you shine brighter than pearls. you're worth more than gold. i can only hope that i'll be by your side and watch your incandescent light grow nonstop every day. thank you for being everything that you are. thank you for trusting me with your heart. thank you for letting me be a safe space to you. thank you for sharing every tiny part of your being with me. i'm so freaking proud of you. i can't wait to see you shining brightly. aglow masterly with ardor, enjoy your youth the fullest as you can, you're unstoppable. happy birthday! i love you, peach! <3

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