My Story

My name is Miranda, the mama behind Rooted Daughter. Thank you for being here and being a part of this very recent journey with me. Secondly, here is a brief introduction about myself and how this all came to be. As a little girl I dreamed of becoming a mother someday and the process to get there. My own mama would often find me curled up looking through her school anatomy books. I would study the images of the pregnant body, the babies in-utero, and the tiny human attached to a yolk sack. All I could think of is how magnificent creation is and how does it work?

Fast forward into my adolescence and young adulthood you would say was tumultuous. I met my husband at the ripe age of 21, and was married at 22. Shortly thereafter we had our first son when I was 25. My birth with my first child was much like my life before; fast, hard, painful, and I was left with regrets and confusion....

Time took over and I sought out self reflection and integration in order to heal myself. I now refer to these years as the awareness period. I had suffered trauma in life that repeated itself during birth. At that time I didn’t have the language to explain what I had experienced and it’s manifestations. Time again offers the opportunity for growth and reflection.

This brings us to current. In my efforts to heal the traumas of my own including birth I came to the realization I could help others. Becoming a birth and labor doula solidified this calling on my life. As a believer I am fascinated by watching others heal wounds that have kept them in habitual patterns. I am first a daughter to the most high but I am also rooted in what makes me who I am including my scars. From my healing my hands are open to walk with you through yours. I am a Rooted Daughter, a mother, a doula, and a friend.
Welcome 🌾

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