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My name is Rosa Bastean. Let me tell you about a few roles I should add to my resume: Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker... ect I try my best to give the best version of myself to each role, but it's hard. It has been hard because I've been in nursing school and working full time as a surgical technologist for the past 2 years+. I barely had time for myself, let alone others. I could not have done with without my support.

I struggled through nursing school because it was so different from any other class I had taken, even my surgical tech program. I'm officially a nurse. I just need to become registered. I'm getting ready for NCLEX. There are topics I need to reinforce or even learn before taking the NCLEX. I want to share my journey and my notes with you. Whether your planning to go to nursing school, just got accepted to a program, finishing up nursing school, or getting ready for NCLEX. I'm your girl! Join me and tell others... let's create a community of kindness and support. Nursing school is hard, but it shouldn't be lonely. If becoming a nurse is your dream, I want your dream to come true!

Tip #1: Day one of every class seems overwhelming. Organization and a good calendar will make it less overwhelming. Trust me!

Tip #2: There will be soooo.... many times you will want to quit & it's ok to have those feelings. Just remember, you need to take one step at a time to go anywhere. Stick to your path & in a blink of an eye... you will be done!

Tip #3: Social media can be your friend AND your enemy. There are so many resources that can help you before, during & after nursing school. Just make sure to stay on track because 3 hours later, your assignment & studying will still need to get done.

Tip#4: Save my link & subscribe to my YouTube channel for other tips, notes & consistently inconsistent material.

Disclaimer: Picture was taken while waiting to film for a commercial. No sterile fields were harm doing the making. 😆

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