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I’m a mentor, speaker & content creator.

I was a girl with HUGE DREAMS✨ People kept telling me I dream too much. Then I became a teen mom & people thought my life was over. But I kept chasing my dreams with my kids. I’ve been travelling around speaking & teaching companies as well as individuals. I started from 0, I learned everything by myself & here I am years later running online business and helping women around the world to do the same & shine in every area of their life🤍

My story

I did it & so can can YOU!

I’m 26years old mentor, speaker, content creator and a mom of two. I love to create & I feel alive when I have many projects to do. My heart burns to help & lift up people & companies. With everything I do I want to impart positive energy and value. I have experience on organizing and planning events, all from planning to putting everything together and then hosting the event. I’m also a speaker & mentor and I’ve been going around speaking since I was 14years old. I’ve also done workbooks, e-books and a lot of writing on my own to my contents. I’ve also helped companies with their campaigns, ideas and marketing.
At the moment I’m coaching people worldwide about branding, marketing, social media, dreams, mindset and life path. My native language is Finnish but the language I use most on my content and work is English.

I’m social, positive, diligent and hard working woman with lots of ideas and creativity. I like to think outside the box to get the best results. I used to do all my projects while being a stay at home mom so I’ve definately used to work under pressure and get things done. But most of all I work with a great mindset and want to bring value to whatever I’m doing.
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We walk this journey together! And my mission is to see you Shine in every are of your life!

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