About me

Thank you for stopping by, I’d love for you to get to know a little bit about me.

Who am I? Isn't this always the most loaded question? I could share many things about me but instead of boring you with old stories, I will share with you the things that I am good at and make me unique.

By nature (unconsciously) and design (consciously) I am a natural visionary and guide. As a Projector in Human Design, one of my gifts is helping others get to know themselves in a deeply profound way. Why? Because when we get to truly know ourselves we uncover the thought patterns and behaviors that keep us constantly feeling and being stuck.

But if I am being fully honest with you, what I am most passionate about is helping others truly transform the quality of their lives similar to how I transformed mine. Before I got to know these things about myself I was a completely different person. As a first generation college graduate from Mexico I grew up feeling an immense amount of pressure to 'be successful'. My parents sacrificed everything for me and my two older brothers to have a better future and I always felt that somehow I would need to make them proud.

As a top performer & high achiever I always had the tendency of striving for perfection and of 'getting things done right'. It was no surprise that after college, I began to work in Corporate America for a coveted, Big Four, Accounting firm.

For approximately 8 years in my twenties I dealt with crippling anxiety, depression, heartbreak & roller coasters of emotions. Each year, I worked 'busy season' hours (10-15hr days for 4-6 months out of the year) that were filled with "urgent fires" and constant pressure from the deadlines. Looking back I sometimes wonder how my body never gave out. There were days where I would eat whatever I could grab and others where I felt like I just 'didn't have the time'. Guilt was a pretty frequent feeling that would never truly leave me feeling peace of mind.

I lived in this 'survival state' for 7 of the 8 years but it wasn't until June of 2019 that I began to snap out of it. One particular evening around that time, I got home from work feeling completely burned out and with an immense amount of sadness/pain in my heart--I felt completely lost & miserable with the life that I was living (because it really didn't feel like LIVING). That evening, I did what any millennial would do--I Google searched "why do I feel so much"--and just like that, a whole new world was opened for me. That night I began my journey of self-discovery and learned about the many ways in which I was an empath.

I'd love to share more about my journey with you but would like to do so in a more organic way. If you resonate with my story or are feeling an urge to reach out, I invite you to take a look at my 'Work with me' page. There, you can schedule a call with me so I can get to know you better and we can further connect.

Thank you for being here & getting to know a little bit about my journey.


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