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We’re Rose Buds

A language rich play group for mom & baby, ages 6mos-2years, led by me, Alexis, a pediatric speech-language pathologist (SLP) and mama of two.

The social scene for babies greatly changed in 2020, leaving many mamas to worry about how this may affect the language development of their little one(s). After my daughter was born in 2021, I felt this deeply. Hence, Rose Buds was born.

Here, you will learn how to help your child’s language bloom in safe, natural environments. You and your little one will have the opportunity to partake in effective play with other same aged babes! Rose Buds meets at local parks in small groups.

After all, research shows, the more time your child spends outside playing, the smarter they will be ;)

Play Sessions

Play Sets The Foundational Skills of Language

structure of play sessions (book, music, art, nature MONTHLY- split each session with a type of play, big body, sensory, imaginative, symbolic, anticipatory, repetitive.

Talk about novelty vs repetitive

Why nature?

Why Play Enhances Speech

Children Learning Best Through Play

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Meet the SLP

“Communication is more than words”

I am a clinically certified and competent practicing SLP under the American Speech-language and Hearing Association (ASHA) for the past 6 years.

My passion has always been with the emerging language of children and the importance of play during these crucial first years.

My son, Jayce, was born in the midst of my graduate school experience so I have always been able to apply my early - intervention skills as I learned them throughout his development.