Get to know me and the business!

My names Rose and I’m 27! I was born in Massachusetts and currently live in Connecticut. I’m working on moving to New York next!

I’ve worked in retail, daycares and home care for elderly and disabled people. I wanted a change so when this opportunity came to me it really excited me! Be my own boss?! Hell yes! Work from anywhere on my own time?! Hell yes! Use amazing products that are all naturally based?! Yes please!
People think because it’s a “pyramid scheme” it won’t work but I’m here to tell you it does work. It works when you’re ready for a new life, you’re ready to get to the goals you want and need. I want to move into my own home and be financially stable enough to do that so I took this opportunity and I’m working every day to make my goals happen and you can too!

I get to help people feel confident and beautiful and it makes me so happy that I get to do something I love by helping people!
AND I get to use products that I love!
This opportunity gives you so much, you get a community of amazing ladies that help you through your whole journey, you get products that will change your life, you gain so much confidence and more.

What do you have to lose?
Take the leap!