My story

You can do anything you set your mind to.

Welcome to my page!
My name is Rosemarie and I’m 20 years. I’m from a small town in the Central Valley called Porterville.
After graduating high school I went straight to the work force to try and save money for my education. I spent 3 years jumping from job to job, making the same amount of money no matter how much effort or time I put in. Got promotions hoping it would help my paychecks but just added more stress without much extra money. I’d go home everyday exhausted and never had time for anything else.
I always knew I was meant to do great things, ever since I was little I felt that I was meant to do amazing thing but I had no idea how put myself there.
Then I discovered this business and my life has changed ever since. I have gained so much more confidence! I am able to work on my schedule ANYWHERE I want WHENEVER I want!
I have so much more freedom and positivity in my life because of this business. I no longer feel sad and underwhelmed at my life. I feel inspired and proud of myself that I am able to give myself the life I have always dreamed of.
Staying in your comfort zone is something I did way too much and it was holding me back more than I thought. I took a risk starting something that totally scared me but it’s the best decision I have ever made! If you want to change your life and make money on your own terms I encourage you to take the risk and join me! It will change your life! Fill out my application if you’re ready for change!!