About Me

Who woulda thought I’d be caught in this life? Let’s celebrate with a toast and get lost in tonight and make it all light up ✨

Hi guys! 👋🏽

I’m Roselle Russell, and yes my first and last name look basically the same. My folks were creative like that! I’m a 28 year old hard working Mama who lives in The Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona.

Growing up, I tried 100 new activities to figure out what made me happy but I never found “my thing.” At age 12 I went to my first concert, the Ladies First Tour, and INSTANTLY knew experiences with my loved ones was my passion!

The night before my 18th birthday I created my first bucket list and was determined to travel to every destination and experience every festival I could! I had stars in my eyes and list full of goals. I got to see PLENTY of places on my own as a cheap college student but when I turned 22 I had my son, Emery and my “single pockets” had some adulting to do!

Now, having a child never slowed my traveling down but as my son got older my life started to change. I wanted to bring him along with me and show him how big and beautiful the world is. 🌎 I wanted to show him there’s more than 1 way to reach your goals and not going the traditional route is okay!

Growing up forced me to discover who Roselle really is. Through learning myself, I learned in order to create the experiences with my loved ones i desired, I couldn’t sit behind a desk working 9-5 asking permission to go on vacation in increments. I needed to find a way to do what makes me happy WHILE getting paid to do it! I knew when I found that, I would never work a day in my life. I prayed and prayed asking God to show me plane as day what was meant FOR ME.....then a wonderful, uplifting woman found her way into my DMs and with her, a life changing opportunity.🤎