Let your inner beauty shine!

And be as BOLD as a Rose and as Mighty as an Evergreen

Hello my fellow Roses and Evergreens! My name is Nicole. My goal is to share content to promote my own personal growth and inspire others to see their own beauty! I love adventure and trying new things. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, hiking, camping and enjoying much of what nature has to offer.

When I started looking into beauty products I wanted something that would not only showcase my natural beauty but also be good for my skin! SeneGence does that and more!

Not only are our products gluten free, paraben free and leaping bunny approved but they work with your skin on a molecular level to regrow healthy skin cells.

In addition to my love for healthy skincare products I will share other items that I love and a day trip or 2! Check out My Favorites page for a list of hair care products, work out gear and equipment and other items that I believe will assist you in your beauty journey! (Click the arrow for more product links)

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