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What is your biggest fear?

Life is to be lived. The majority of us fear death and are sometimes afraid to even live. We must face our fears to live a reality worth living. One that we truely love and find joy and passion in.

My goal is to treat myself with self love and self compassion. I do this through practicing mindfulness towards myself and others. Sometimes that can be indulging in our wants, needs, desires, and fears. Chase your dreams while you still have the time. Life is to be lived!

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Electronics & Modeling

For starters, I fix electronics for a living. That includes software and hardware. For hardware... I can fix laptops, tablets, cell phones, game consoles, and pcs. I have loved technology since I was a little girl and watching the movie Spy Kids because of all the fun gadgets. Asides from technology, I love animals. I have bathed elephants at the Elephant care park in Thailand and went into cages with Tigers. My fears of striking out never keep me from playing the game. I believe I am capable of great things and am excited to see where this journey in life takes me. Between kayaking, working out, making music and modeling I typically don't go out to parties or clubs anymore. My heart is focused around self love, beauty, mindfulness, and peace. It is good to slow time down every now and again and to remember to stop and smell the Roses on occassion because even though we are so excited for the destination, it is the journey we must endure and embrace to get there. Follow along and support my journey.

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