Rositaeats Story

Rositaeats was created by Rosalinda, a Sierra Zapotec from Los Angeles, CA after seeing very few indigenous-owned businesses in the plant-based movement. Rosalinda wants to show others who have a similar background and experience that this movement is “for us and our families too!” 
This venture came to fruition during the national COVID-19 pandemic & uprisings of 2020. Rosalinda turned the shelter in place orders into an opportunity to focus on cooking and baking nutrient-rich, made from scratch treats to provide comfort to her friends and family during the uncertain times and to encourage them to go plant-based.

My motivation

Through Rositaeats, I honor the passing of my grandmother and uncle.

Like many Oaxaqueñxs and Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), my family and I experienced the painful loss of loved ones to diabetes and heart disease. The diet of processed foods and an excess of animal-based products is killing us via chronic illnesses. This painful experience motivated me to go plant-based and get my parents to go plant-based too! I no longer want my family nor community to be plagued by this.

Holistic health is my wish for my family and community because we are worthy of healing and having a beautiful, thriving life.

The Treats

Rositaeats serves delicious & unprocessed plant-based treats for you and your family to enjoy without the crash and heaviness that traditional desserts made with animal products and processed ingredients create in your body and mind.

These treats instead will have you feeling light and bright. 

In a cake or cupcake, you will find nature’s sprinkles like cacao nibs, almonds, and fruit.

All are handcrafted and made to order.


Rositaeats is on a mission to brighten your day with sweet goodness & encourage you to go plant-based one treat at a time.

The New Classic

Pastel Tres Leches à la Plant-Based

Tres leches is a cake that is enjoyed at all gatherings and celebrations up until one's dairy intolerance starts to manifest. This Rositaeats pastel tres leches has been entering plant-based and non-plant-based homes, shared with loved ones and becoming a new tradition. Most importantly, it is making a non-dairy, non-egg based cake the new normal in my community.

It was a badge of honor when a new client shared that not only did her mom approve and enjoy the cake but her mom previously owned a Mexican bakery and made (dairy & egg-based) tres-leches cakes.

Rositaeats pastel tres-leches is a vanilla cake soaked with milk syrup and covered in a lightly sweetened coconut whipped cream.
The "tres leches" title is honored by having three different kinds of milk; almond, coconut, and oat.
Instead of a butter-based frosting, a delicious combination of coconut cream,  powdered sugar (vegan), and vanilla extract covers the cake.
The middle of the cake is filled with layers of coconut whipped cream, strawberries, and cacao nibs.
The sides are coated with sliced almonds.
The rim of the cake is sprinkled with cacao nibs for texture, a hint of chocolate flavor, and antioxidants.
And it's topped with seasonal berries and compote.
It's a wonderful balance of flavors and texture.
Made to order. Made from scratch.
6-inch round
Serves 6-8
8-inch round
Serves 10-14
To order text: (323) 380-9781
Please give at least a 48-hour notice for your order.
Payment accepted: Cashapp, Venmo, Zelle