Romanch Soni

I'm right part of brain

Work Experience : According to me acting is the mixture of expression, movement and language and I realized this when I joined the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts in 2017. Some short-term acting courses has been done by me. Acting is something that no one can teach you how to act, it's up to you, But the academy gave me different experience which made a little step to fulfill my dream of acting. And have also attended the acting workshop named RANGREZ instructed by Abhishek shah and Dhrunad kamle where I have learned the aspects of acting procedure. Meantime, I am also doing theatre (plays) under Shree Aditi Desai and RJ-Devki and have also done some short films. This is my little journey of acting and I want to grow it further.

Personal : About ten years ago I came to Ahmedabad and joined fine arts college. During the study years I did sketching (storyboard), painting, ad designing and much more which is connected to the commercial art. That was the time I used to watch many films and became serious about performing arts. I also did a diploma in painting from Kanoria Centre for Arts. After college, I worked in advertising media for six years as a visualizer and designer.

My life has many layers like photoshop, each of the layer gives me various experience and I strongly believe that one day those experiences will help me in my acting.

Thank you