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rosycgd’s helpsite!

• created by ari, aka rosycgd

- hello i made this helpsite for anyone who may need it. It has info for basically my entire account, enjoy!

01 credits ⤖

- coloring credits : this isn’t optional! if you use it please give credits towards me in your bio/caption
- theme credits : MUST. i recreated chzrsties theme so if you use my remake you must give credits to me in your bio
- caption credits : it’s up to you! i don’t mind if you use it without credits
- bio creds : no need !
- lastly, pfp credits : you don’t have to! my pfps are free to use unless they have my wm on them

02 ibfs and gc’s ⤖

- kenzie / yarkenzie
- ellie / pogtpia
- that’s all! i’m open to joining gcs and making them but have 2 ibfs and i don’t need anymore <3

03 addressing stuff ⤖

- self promo : it is aloud BUT it is not preferred so please don’t do it but it still won’t bother me that much
- joining accounts : please do not ask to join my account, i don’t want anyone to join especially strangers. i am the only owner.
- inpso : 100% inspo from chzrstie, this only includes my website and theme layout
- my user : please do not ask for my user! i do not plan on changing it.

04 my only accs ⤖
- my main (i do not want to share sorry!)
- this account @rosycgd
- @rosycgdhelps which i will post any other things to help you on!
- and i am planning on making a coloring acc where i post my vids with my coloring on them

favorite fonts 𖡜̸

- Bebas Regular
- Better Together Script
- Blackstand
- Butterflies
- Byom Icons
- Cheeky Rabit
- Children Sans
- Christmas Gift
- cream
- cute icons
- cute notes
- Dinomik
- DJB doodle bits
- Everything Has Changed
- Fairy Tales
- Gamer
- Garlic Salt Extras
- Grunge Strokes
- Hanging Letters
- Heart Warming
- Heart Warming Extras
- Hipster Icons
- Homework
- and more that couldn’t be fit :(

coloring tutorial


- go to 24fps and use the filter Red Flavor

- next go to ultralight, click edit, then the triangle, clarity -7, sharpen 10, to the left click the two circles linked, the pink saturation goes to 10

- next go to prequel, adjust, contrast -50, highlights 10, shadows -50, sharpen 10,
glow 25, blur 50, effects, dust 100, filters, oakland 25

- last go to colourtone, angel hand, marble filter at 100, red saturation to 25